Gfreak's Peek: The Top 4 of the DPC Clash - Predictions

Vignesh Raghuram

7o, Jun, 2018
Image Credits: Perfect World

The Supermajor has started heating up, and by the looks of it, so has out Battle Passes. We got 23/25 Predictions write with the previous cycle of tokens. Now with the playoffs kicking off earlier today, and the tokens being reset, we can finally start making our predictions for the next round.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to spend 25 tokens over the course of 10 Games. So we’re going with an average of 2 tokens per game, to be able to spend them all by the time they expire.

Anyway, here are my predictions on how tomorrow’s matches turn out.
Team Secret vs Team Liquid

Both teams head into this match with no real pressure on them, they’ve both secured invites and have done really well so far and will probably be looking forward to the long break after the extremely competitive season they’ve just had.

But Team Liquid is the better team right now, they’ve proved that their losses to paiN Gaming at the ESL One: Birmingham was just a mere blip in their radar with their 6-1 performance in this tournament. Team Secret, on the other hand, has been quite shaky dropping games to The Final Tribe and OpTic Gaming.

While anything might happen tomorrow, it’d be wise to put up two tokens on Team Liquid considering both teams’ performances so far.

My Advice: 2 Tokens on Team Liquid
PSG.LGD vs Virtus.Pro

Easily the most hyped matchup of tomorrow. The two best teams in the world going head-to-head against each other in a full BO3. I won’t be surprised if this is the Grand Final matchup.

PSG.LGD has convincingly won the last two meetings between the two sides. I expect the same trend to continue. PSG.LGD just matches up against Virtus.Pro’s playstyle really well. While the cores of LGD are playing as well as their counterparts, Fy is the X-Factor that edges PSG.LGD over Virtus.Pro. He has been on fire for over 2 months now, pulling off spectacular plays no matter what hero he plays.

While RodjER is a great player in his own right, I think Fy is just better at this point of time, edging it for the Chinese side.

My Advice: 2 Tokens on PSG.LGD
OpTic Gaming vs TNC Predator

The only two remaining teams who are fighting for a chance to displace VGJ.Thunder from their 8th place spot in the DPC will go head to head in a clash of epic proportions. This SEA vs NA matchup will definitely provide us with a great series.

Going into this match, TNC Predator pulled off a scintillating 2-1 victory over VGJ.Storm while PPD and co. had an equally impressive win over Evil Geniuses. Skill and Draft-wise they are very evenly matched. But I think the SEA team has a small edge in this matchup thanks to other external factors.

OpTic will be under a huge amount of pressure as VGJ.Thunder has been eliminated and the onus is on them to finish in atleast 4th place to secure a berth at the Top 8 of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit to avoid the strong NA Regional Qualifiers.

TNC Predator, on the other hand, are underdogs when it comes to the overall picture and have an easy route to The International 8 SEA Regional Qualifiers, with Mineski already securing a spot in the Direct invite list. They will be under no pressure, and I believe that this will push them towards a win over OpTic.

My Advice: 1 Token on TNC Predator
Vici Gaming vs Newbee

While both teams have been doing well in this tournament. Newbee has played tougher teams IMO and have been far more impressive with a few new ideas which have allowed them to move past their Naga-Disruptor every match phase. This is no doubt is thanks to the influence of their new coach SanSheng.

Newbee impressed me by taking a game off Virtus.Pro. Vici Gaming did win against Mineski but it was more of a Mineski drafting issue rather than Vici Gaming outplaying them. I also think that Vici Gaming’s slow-paced gameplay is going to end with them shooting themselves on the foot, as Newbee is quite good at punishing late-game mistakes.

My Advice: 2 Tokens on Newbee