Gfreak's Peek: Day 2 of the Group Stages

Vignesh Raghuram

2nd, Jun, 2018
Image Credits: Perfect World

Day 1 of the China Supermajor has finally come to a close, and we got 6/7 tokens right. A good start, especially considering that we only bet 1 or 2 tokens on each game.

TNC Predator surpassed all expectations, and I definitely think they are one of the dark horses of this event. They just took a game off Virtus.Pro who just won ESL One: Birmingham unbeaten. I think they’ll beat Team Liquid, who in all honesty, looked shaky despite what their record at this tournament (4-0) suggests.

Also, we would have had the chance to win more if Valve didn’t completely mess up the predictions. 2 Games: Vici Gaming vs TNC Predator, and Team Spirit vs Newbee didn’t even open up predictions when they appeared on the website. Anyway, here are the predictions tomorrow’s games.
Team Secret vs The Final Tribe

While The Final Tribe did manage to win the European Qualifiers to secure a spot in this premier event, they along with Infamous, are easily two of the weaker teams playing in this event and I feel like they aren't going to accomplish much.

Looking look at the past history between these two teams. Team Secret destroyed them in a 34-minute stomp just 3 weeks back at the GESC: Thailand Minor. In fact, Secret hasn't dropped a single game to any European team (Not named Team Liquid), let alone a whole match, in over 6 months.

Expect nothing to change here. Even if by some miracle TFT take one game, they're never going to win the series. The skill gap is just too big. Team Secret hasn't been looking too great and their play has been sloppy recently. But they have more than enough to brush TFT aside with ease.

My Advice: 2 Tokens on Team Secret
Mineski vs VGJ.Storm

VGJ.Storm destroyed Mineski, last time these two teams met. None of Mineski’s usual moves worked against the NA juggernaut which was on quite a roll just two weeks back.

But, I expect things to change. VGJ.Storm didn’t have that big of a reputation coming into that event (MDL Changsha Major). This time around, they’ll be a familiar face and hence will have far more comprehensive strategies prepared against them. Hence I expect a far closer match between these two teams.

No matter what, I don’t think this matchup will be skewed towards either side. I want to take a look at both teams before making predictions on them.

My Advice: Abstain
PSG.LGD vs Infamous

No brainer really. PSG.LGD is the best team in the world right now. IMO Fy, Maybe and Ame are the top 3 players in the world right now. Coming off Back-to-Back major wins in Epicenter XL, and MDL Changsha PSG.LGD are looking unstoppable. I don’t think anyone has figured them out yet and I certainly don’t expect a humble Peruvian squad to do that here.

Don’t get me wrong, while Infamous is a good team in their own right, there's just no comparison in skill levels between the players of each team in their respective positions. The skill difference is just that great.

My Advice: 2 tokens on PSG.

P.S: If you don’t care about the Time Traveller achievement and looking for an immediate payoff, I’d suggest you go all in on PSG.
OpTic Gaming vs VGJ.Thunder

Very interesting matchup. Perhaps the most hype one of the day. If OpTic Gaming finishes in the Top 4 of the China Supermajor, above VGJ.Thunder, they’ll knock them out of the Top 8 in the DPC Rankings.

On the one hand is OpTic Gaming who consistently stays very high Tier 2 and very nearly Tier 1 and were title contenders at ESL One: Birmingham. And on the other hand, VGJ.Thunder, who have been making a steady rise to middle-upper Tier 2.

OpTic has improved a whole lot and I was really impressed by their understanding of the game in the ESL One: Birmingham. VGJ.Thunder are known to crumble against early pressure and sometimes don't know how to come back from that big a deficit, something that PPD and company are well-versed at.

So I expect OpTic to win this matchup and move on to the next round.

My Advice: 1 Token on OpTic Gaming


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