GESC Thailand SEA Quals:Geek Fam and Clutch Gamers move onto the semi finals

Shounak Sengupta

17th, Apr, 2018

*Cover image source: Liquepedia

Day 1 of the GESC Thailand SEA Qualifiers saw Geek Fam and Clutch Gamers move onto the semi finals. In the process, Execration and Admiral were knocked out.

Teehee’s Terrorblade too hot to handle for Execration

In the first match of the day, Geek Fam cruised to a comfortable 2-0 over Execration. In game 1, Geek Fam abused their vision advantage in the night time, to set up good team fights with the Naga Siren song and the Disruptor ultimate. Both ChYuan’s QoP and Teehee’s Terrorblade pulled out ahead in the mid game and powered the team through as Execration fell apart.


In game 2 Geek Fam set up a devastating magic damage based combination with the Zeus and the Pugna and while Execration held on with the help of Karl’s Tinker, their carry VS slowly started falling off vs Teehee’s TB. The match was back and forth till the very end in terms of the networth, but Geek Fam’s heroes were simply much more effective even with less farm and they forced out the gg at the 54-minute mark.

Clutch Gamers dominate the series versus Admiral

In the second game, 3 of CG’s ex-players, Rappy, Gabbi and Boombacs returned to play against them but found no luck as CG took a comfortable win to move onto the semi finals. CG’s new mid player vtFaded looked shone on the Death Prophet in both the games as did AhJit as they took two easy games to win the series.


Geek Fam will now face TNC in the semifinals while CG goes up against Fnatic.



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