?GESC Minor: Na`Vi through to the semi’s, Fnatic knocked out

Shounak Sengupta

18th, Mar, 2018
*Cover Image source: Dota2.gamepedia

The Indonesian crowds cheered for Dendi and the gang through and through day 1 of the playoffs powering them to the semi-finals. Fnatic and DC were both knocked out in the process.
The day began with Na’Vi taking down NA hopefuls, Digital Chaos in a bo1. Crystallize’s Morphling went full carry mode, finishing the game without a single death to help Na’Vi get the win. In the other series, it was the Swedes who picked up the win over the home side, RRQ. The Indonesians looked wildly out of place throughout the entire tournament and finish in last place.
Fnatic unable to win the base race
In the first quarterfinals, Na’Vi were up against Fnatic and the entire bo3 series was edge of the seat action through and through. Game 1 went 78 minutes and Fnatic had to fight their way back from a net worth deficit to take the win. Na’Vi started off strong, picking off Envy’s DP multiple times but eventually started getting outmanoeuvred in teamfights. They lacked the burst to bring down the enemy cores and lost successive teamfights near the Roshan pit to help Fnatic get back into the game. With multiple Scythe of Byse pickups, and Refresher Shards + Refresher Orbs, Fnatic slowly whittled down the Na’Vi base. General tried to split push to the best of his ability but it wasn’t enough as Fnatic took game 1.
In game 2, Crystallize carried Na’Vi on his back with a monster performance on the Gyrocopter. Envy’s decision to go for an Aghs + Refresher build on the Luna didn’t end up working as the Ukrainians used Aegis and Cheese perfectly to win the ultimate teamfight and force the gg.
Game 3 came right down to the wire, ending in a base race as Fnatic were unable to close out the series despite Na’Vi being down all 3 sets of barracks. Fnatic used multiple buybacks to break Na’Vi’s base but were caught by surprise at Dendi’s Hail Mary Divine purchase as Na’Vi went straight for the throne being able to bring it down, before Abed and Envy.

The second quarterfinals between The Final Tribe and Infamous was underway at the time of writing


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