From 3rd to 13th - Fnatic eliminated in last place at the Paris Major

Shounak Sengupta

7o, May, 2019

Cover image source: @Mars Media

Fnatic’s poor showing in the group stages, put them in the dreaded lower bracket bo1 matchups and a loss to Keen Gaming, sees them going home early. After virtually securing their spot at TI9 with a 3rd place finish at Stockholm, Fnatic leave Paris in last place.


Chaos Esports were the other team to be eliminated earlier today as they found themselves beaten at the hands of fellow SA team, Pain Gaming. Some incredibly poor execution in teamfights sealed their fate and Pain dominated the engagements to take a relatively comfortable victory.


Elsewhere, were all over Fnatic, shutting down their cores from the start as both Abed and iceiceice were unable to get the start they wanted. Abed’s Invoker pick achieved little as old chicken’s Leshrac ran rampant in teamfights, dishing out tons of magic damage. By 21-minutes, Fnatic were over 10k gold down and were unable to mount a comeback in front of Keen’s sustain and methodical approach.


Keen now face Vici Gaming to continue their journey in the tournament while Pain Gaming take on Team Liquid.