Fnatic move onto the playoffs with a win over Signify

Shounak Sengupta

5th, Oct, 2018

Fnatic became the first team through to the playoffs as they took a convincing win over Indian side, Signify. Signify’s qualification to the second stage had not been easy, but many expected the team to be clearly outmatched against big names like Fnatic and Secret. While Signify attempted to execute a brave draft involving their signature offlane Shadow Shaman, Fnatic’s experience, team play and movement were simply too good for Signify to match and despite showing that they could match Fnatic in the laning phase, Signify’s game soon crumbled afterwards.

It took little for the Fnatc cores to catch up in terms of farm and all 3 heroes led the networth chart after a while. While Signify found some pickoffs here and there, Fnatic farmed the entire map more efficiently while catching out Crowley several times. By the 26th minute, Fnatic were pushing highground and iceiceice got himself a rampage on his Broodmother as Signify’s defence crumbled. The lead from Fnatic looked insurmountable and Signify called the gg after losing all 3 lanes of barracks.


Fnatic move onto the playoffs while Signify will face Team Secret in an elimination match.



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