Fnatic lose a thriller against EHOME; as VP secure their place in TI9

Vignesh Raghuram

21st, Jan, 2019

Image Courtesy: Starladder

Day 3 was quite an exciting one in The Chongqing Major. Two teams each from Groups A and B maintained their places in the Upper Brackets, leaving all 8 teams from Groups C and D to languish in the Lower Brackets. It was quite literally a bloodbath with the Top teams establishing their dominance and showcasing a wide variety of drafts and flexed their sheer skill in Chongqing. Here’s what went down on Day 3 of the Chongqing Major.


Miscommunication: A big problem for Team Liquid?


Team Liquid who were forced to use Chu "shadow" Zeyu as a standin after Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi had to withdraw from the tournament showed no signs of rust in the Group Stages. They topped Group C and headed into a showdown against fellow European squad Team Secret.

But it was a show of utter dominance from Puppey and co. as they utterly dismantled Team Liquid across both games. Liquid didn’t once hold the net worth lead across both games and totalled just 20 kills in comparison to Secret’s 54. Team Liquid just couldn’t get the ball rolling and hence were forced down to the lower brackets after a 2-0 loss to Team Secret.


Lmao, l know why they lose from r/DotA2
Fnatic go down 2-1 against EHOME

This one had to hurt for Fnatic fans. With every victory an important one in this Major, they simply couldn’t afford to stumble against EHOME. But stumble they did.

The first game saw EHOME race off to a win as they dominated Fnatic from minute 1. Li "ASD" Zhiwen had a phenomenal game on his Shadow Fiend to snowball to a scintillating 14/2/10 scoreline against Fnatic. He quite simply outplayed Abed on his Tinker throughout the game, repeatedly picking him off and handing over the win to EHOME.

Game 2 saw Fnatic reply in similar fashion. The Chinese squad simply did not have the damage to deal with Noah “MP” Pyo's Timbersaw or Abed’s Medusa who simply walked down the lanes, bullying EHOME out and secured a 19-minute victory.  

In the deciding game, EHOME picked up a Drow Ranger for Li "ASD" Zhiwen which proved to be the key as he proceeded to absolutely crush Fnatic’s lineup. At first, Fnatic were able to make up for their deficiencies in the lane phase by getting kills. But they couldn’t crack EHOME’s towers, which gave map control. That allowed EHOME to make their way back into the game. The second Roshan was secured for ASD after which Fnatic simply couldn’t stand up to his damage and conceded the series 2-1.

In the other games of the day, we saw Virtus Pro stand strong against Evil Geniuses as the NA team’s experiment with SumaiL’s Nature’s Prophet completely failed in the face of Virtus Pro’s cores. Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko and Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev showed why they’re regarded as the best carries in Dota 2 with two clinical performances against EG.

With that victory, Virtus.Pro have secured a total of 5850 DPC points, and have already booked a place in The International 2019.

Speaking of clinics, PSG.LGD had two incredible performances against Vici Gaming to close out the day with a 2-0 victory. The former tore through Vici Gaming in Game 1, winning in just 20 minutes. While Vici Gaming put up a stiff resistance in Game 2, PSG.LGD broke through the Vici Gaming defence to secure the victory.

Tomorrow we will witness the clash between tournament favourites Virtus.pro and PSG.LGD in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. We will also see our first eliminations as four Lower Bracket matches will be played out on Day 4 of the Chongqing Major.


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