Fnatic destroy the lower bracket to make it to the final day of The Summit 9

Vignesh Raghuram

29th, Jul, 2018

Image Courtesy: BTS

The penultimate day of The Summit 9 was all about elimination matches, with 3 lower bracket games played. And only one Upper Bracket match to determine who moves on to the Grand Finals.

Teams started to become a little more serious, and with a well-defined meta we saw some really good evenly matched games and finally had a glimpse into the International 8’s meta. Here’s a short look at how the proceedings went down on the penultimate day of The Summit 9.

But before we get there, here's a clip of MSS picking his nose and eating the booger WutFace. Why should we be the only ones to suffer.



The Polish boys 'do it'


The opening series began with Let’s Do It proving that they should not be underestimated. paiN Gaming, known for their constant pressure and aggression, is one of the stronger teams in this tournament. Yet, the scoreboard was pretty even in all 3 games played. It was essentially down to whoever who makes more mistakes loses.

Even though both W33 and HfN had really good games with their heroes, bar a few overextensions, Let’s Do It secured the series by showing the reason why no one should underestimate Nisha. His impeccable performances in Game 1 on the Monkey King and in Game 3 as the Ember Spirit disabling and killing heroes after heroes to enable the team to finish off paiN Gaming one rax at a time.


A typical Fnatic series


If you have an affinity for Heart attacks, anguish, and elation you really need to consider being a Fnatic fanboy. EE-sama and co. have always been the source of fiftEE/fiftEE games. You never really think a game is over until the throne goes down.

Game 1 was the definition of a typical Fnatic game. OpTic Gaming came out ahead in the laning stage, but Fnatic somehow managed to reign it in thanks to some great plays from DJ and efficient farming from EE. But then they threw their lead and went down two rax. However that wasn’t the last twist in the tale, they somehow managed to dig themselves out of that hole and win the game after getting the third Roshan.

Game 2 was an even better game. DJ once again exemplified why he is considered as one of the best players in the world with a Windranger performance for the ages. Time and again he managed to isolate heroes from team fight to allow for the team to just focus down individual heroes without distractions. With DJ’s insane shackles, and over 5 Double Damage runes for Abed, the SEA team somehow managed to out late-game a Spectre lineup.


Like we said, typical Fnatic game.


Evil Geniuses have completely figured out VGJ.Storm


After a systematic dismantling of VGJ.Storm in the Group Stages, most analysts on the panel alleged that VGJ.Storm just don’t match up well against Evil Geniuses. This series would go on to confirm their suspicions.

EG came into game one seemingly with a grudge, as an Invoker pick for Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan created serious problems for VGJ.Storm. At just 16 minutes in and a 19-3 kill differential, VGJ.Storm called "Good Game" and conceded game one to EG.

EG came into game 2 with a bang as well as they dominated the game from the 5th minute onwards. Perfect execution of their game plan allowed them to end the final game of the day 36-17, thereby pushing down VGJ.Storm to the lower brackets and moving on to the Grand Finals.





Fnatic surges to the Lower Bracket Finals


The last series of the day was a match that almost no one expected at the start of the day. The bottom two teams taking on each other for a chance at the Lower Brackets. In keeping with the spirit of their first series of the day, game one was yet another rollercoaster of a match with Fnatic falling behind in the early stages thanks to Exotic_Deer’s snowballing Ursa. But perfect itemizations from Abed, and great stuns from DJ pulled Fnatic back and pushed them towards a 48-minute win.

The Gang goes off-topic

Then came the epic 62-minute showdown in game two, in an hour-long match that swung back and forth several times. Abed’s Arc Warden created big problems for Let’s Do It, whose magic damage-oriented lineup struggled to deal with the quick Black King Bar purchases on Fnatic. Those BKB durations trickle down with use, however, and soon Nisha and Patos were finding easy kills once the short-lived magic immunity was baited out. But a series of unfortunate misplays on the Poles' part piled up, and when the final push came, Fnatic couldn't be held back and took the series 2-0.



Thus Let’s Do it ended their run in 4th place. Fnatic however, is now in the top 3 and will face VGJ.Storm in the lower bracket finals to fight for their spot in the Grand Finals against Evil Geniuses.


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