Fnatic beat Team Secret in dramatic fashion at ESL One: Katowice Major!

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Feb, 2018

Fnatic has booked their place in the Semifinals of the ESL One: Katowice Major after a thrilling series which finished 2-1. Team Secret have been knocked down to the Quarterfinals where they will take on Team Liquid.

Game 1:

In Game 1, Fnatic cleverly avoided engagements and slowly starved Team Secret by attacking from all sides with EternalEnvy’s Vengeful Spirit, Abed’s Invoker and DJ’s farmed Shadow Shaman. Meanwhile, Universe stole the show in an impressive performance by him on his BeastMaster, reminiscent of his time in Evil Geniuses.

Team Secret was just unable to keep up with the pace Fnatic was setting, and conceded the game 26-38, in 44 minutes to DJ's Triple Serpent Wards.


Game 2:

Game 2, on the other hand, was a win for the drafting prowess of Puppey, who managed to dig his team out of the hole he put them in during game one. FATA entered beast mode on Abaddon staying above Fnatic’s cores in the networth department. The game was extremely one-sided for Team Secret as Midone, Ace, and FATA managed to keep up with Fnatic’s cores throughout the entire game.

They managed to force a dieback from EternalEnvy’s Terrorblade and closed out the game in 53 minutes with a 30k networth advantage.



Game 3:

The final game of the series was a back and forth affair until a clutch "Dark Rift" at 49 minutes from Universe to allow Fnatic to take out Team Secret's Ancient while EternalEnvy’s Razor distracted the entirety of the Team Secret lineup with a Dieback. It could have been avoided had Team Secret pushed out the bottom lane/ not lost their bottom racks.

Word’s cannot do justice to that play. Here’s a highlight clip.



Fnatic will now move on to the Semifinals and have secured a minimum of 75 DPC points as well as $80,000. There, they will take on either Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses or Newbee for a spot in the Grand Finals.



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