Fnatic are one win away from making it to the Epicenter Major

Vignesh Raghuram

18o, May, 2019

Image Courtesy: Fnatic

After one really surprising loss to Power of MYSG+AU cost Fnatic their shot at making it to the Epicenter Major as SEA’s first seed, they look like they’ve tightened up things and now find themselves in the Grand Finals of the SEA Qualifiers.


Geek Fam vs Fnatic


Fnatic and Geek Fam opened the day’s game with an intense fight for a place in the winner bracket finals. Game 1 lasted slightly over 28 minutes and was largely devoid of any action as both teams just decided to bunker up and kept farming until they hit their key timings. For a while, it looked like it was going to be one of those hour long games, but Fnatic turned up the heat right at the 27-minute mark and teamwiped Geek Fam. With a Drow Ranger lineup, they easily took down multiple rax and forced the GG call just a minute later.

All the pressure was on Geek Fam in the second game, but Fnatic seemed to meet them at every turn not allowing them any footing in Game 2. Nothing Geek Fam threw out slowed them down, so Fnatic emerged on top in just over 34 minutes with MP putting up an incredible performance on his Ursa scoring 17 kills.



Fnatic vs BOOM ID


In game one, BOOM ID pulled out a really good late-game oriented draft and were ready to push it into a 50-minute+ game. That strategy failed as Fnatic picked up an Alchemist, throwing a wrench into BOOM ID’s strategies.

To the surprise of many, BOOM ID did start off quite well, keeping up with the Alchemist in farm up until the 20-minute mark. But then, things spiralled quickly for BOOM ID who couldn’t do anything to stop Abed’s Alchemist. It went from a 5k gold deficit in the 20-minute mark to a 20k gold deficit by the 30-minute mark which lead to Fnatic taking a 1-0 lead.

Unfortunately, BOOM ID got outdrafted in Game 2 as Fnatic had answers for everything that the Indonesian team had to put up. They were able to clean up the series, with Abed leading the charge on his Shadow Fiend to secure the series victory.


BOOM ID, as well as Geek Fam and Power of MUSG+AU, will battle it out in the Lower Brackets tomorrow to determine who will compete against Fnatic in the Grand Finals, later in the day for a spot in the Epicenter Major.