Fnatic and TNC to represent SEA at the Chongqing Major

Shounak Sengupta

27o, Nov, 2018

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The SEA Regional qualifiers for the Chongqing Major came to an end with a very similar result as the Kuala Lumpur Major, Fnatic take top seed while TNC will take the second seed from the region. This, however, puts the spotlight on TNC, as their offlaner, Kuku is banned from the Major and there has been no communication from Valve whether he will be allowed to play or not.

Abed’s Meepo helps Fnatic qualify for the Major

Fnatic edged out TNC in a close match taking the series 2-1. The series was tied at 1-1 before Abed’s Meepo took away TNC’s chances with a dominating performance in game 3. In game 1 DJ’s Rubik secured Fnatic the win, with some clutch plays as Fnatic weathered the early game only to make a comeback once TNC’s Huskar fell off. In game 2, Armel’s TA snowballed too fast for Fnatic to keep pace and TNC pressured the issue early taking a quick 32-minute win. In game 3 Abed’s Meepo was untouchable and took over the game too quickly for TNC to respond. With the teamfight coming out of iceiceice’s Brewmaster, both MP’s PA and Abed’s Meepo were able to deal the damage and wiped out TNC to claim the win.

Mineski eliminate BOOM ID in the lower bracket

In the lower bracket, Mineski found a 2-0 over BOOM ID in two contrasting games, with the first one going late and the second being a 30-minute win. BOOM ID survived the laning phase against Mineski’s Io+Gyrocopter allowing them to scale into the midgame but Mineski found key fights as well with the help of buybacks. The game stayed close but Morphling’s farm became a concerning factor for Mineski. However, a Divine Rapier pickup on Gyro allowed Mineski to win a crucial teamfight including Morphling’s buyback as the game turned and Mineski forced out the gg from BOOM ID. Game 2 was a totally different story, however, as Mineski snowballed and the sheer right click damage from JT’s PA and Nana’s TA overpowered BOOM ID and they gave up after 30 minutes.

TNC made to sweat, but ultimately emerge as victors

In the final match of the qualifiers, TNC were pushed to the edge by Mineski, but held on to secure their spot at the Major. Mineski took the win in game 1, following a late-game showdown with JTs’ Void pitted against Gabbi’s Morphling. However, the rest of the Mineski lineup had the farm and scalability which TNC lacked and Mineski came out on top with multiple hexes and took the lead in the series.TNC struck back in game 2 on the back of Gabbi’s Terrorblade as he outcarried his teams versus Mineski’s Naga Siren.

Game 3 saw Mineski reveal their hand too early as Mineski won 2 lanes via the draft with Armel’s Razor winning against Nana’s TA and Gabbi dominating on his Void. Mineski stayed alive taking frequent fights with their Gyro+Io combo and kept the game alive as TNC were unable to fight as frequently. A full teamwipe from TNC at around the 35-minute mark however sealed Mineski’s fate and they tapped out shortly after.