Fnatic and Geek Fam move on to Day 3

Vignesh Raghuram

8th, Feb, 2018
Day 2 saw four teams getting knocked out of the SEA regional qualifiers. Fire Dragoon and TaskUs Titans were eliminated earlier today allowing Fnatic and Geek Fam to advance to the next round of the lower brackets where they faced Execration and BOOM ID respectively.
Execration vs Fnatic

Game 1:

Execration picked up a Luna for Nando with which they amassed a significant advantage early on. Fnatic failed to win their lanes as Kim0’s Tusk proved to be too much of a nuisance, giving even more space to Execration. The Filipino powerhouse quickly pushed in, taking down the first lane of rax in 35 minutes and closing out the game just 10 minutes later. Abed’s Invoker was not enough to stall the sheer pushing power of Execration.

Game 2:

Game two looked to be just as one sided, but this time in Fnatic’s favour. Fnatic pulled ahead in the laning stage, and Karl’s Bristleback fell behind significantly in farm. Fnatic continued to pressure Execration, but a dive into the tier 4 towers by Abed’s Broodmother provided Execration a way back into the game. But Execration up against a sizeable networth disadvantage, couldn’t fight their way back into the game which pushed the series to a Game 3.

Game 3:

In the final game of the series, Fnatic opted for a very aggressive mid game lineup and with DJ’s Clockwerk, the team found the necessary initiations to constantly kill and pressure Execration. Execration could never find an opening themselves and were constantly caught out of position or had their initiations interrupted, leading to a very dominant victory for Fnatic.
Geek Fam vs BOOM ID
Game 1:

Geek Fam had a solid start with good pickoffs utilizing Chyuan’s global presence on Zeus. BOOM ID however made sure to secure a good lane for Dreamocel, ganking Chyuan several times. The early-mid game saw BOOM ID pull further ahead as they continued to take objective after objective, but Geek Fam forced their way back into the game with key pickoffs and teamfights. BOOM ID continued to utilize their strong pushing lineup and but Geek Fam turned an engagement around and caught BOOM ID off guard as three heroes were down without buybacks thus leaving their middle lane exposed. With a Skadi+Abysall Blade for their Juggernaut, Geek Fam decided to go to the throne and could not be stopped.

Game 2:

Geek Fam pulled ahead in the laning stage and transitioned into a map controlling mid game, taking objectives and pushing BOOM ID further back. The Indonesian team looked to take the fight to Geek Fam but consistently traded unfavorably, leading to an even bigger advantage for Geek Fam. For a while, it looked like BOOM ID could hold their highground long enough for their cores to come online, but Geek Fam sealed the deal with a dominating teamfight.

The Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 – SEA Regional Qualifiers will resume later today, Four Teams remain, Two teams will go on to compete in the Major in China. Who will it be?

1. Mineski

Mineski has had a stellar tournament so far. Carrying on the great form that saw them finish in 3rd place at the SL i-League Season 4, they have had a relatively dominant run in this tournament bar 1 blip against Execration. It will take a drastic drop of form for them to not make it to the Major. They will go up against TNC Pro Team in the Winner’s bracket finals.

2. TNC Pro Team

TNC Pro Team has had a similar tournament to Mineski despite their recent roster changes. Kuku on the 5-position role, to the surprise of many, has been very effective; making plays all around the map. Their only loss was against Fire Dragoon where they might have been too greedy with their draft. Their matchup against Mineski is surely one to watch
3. Fnatic

Fnatic picked themselves up from a disastrous Day 1 where they lost 2-1 to BOOM ID which sent them packing to the lower bracket. Although, they lost to Execration in Game 1 of their series. Fnatic looked solid in all their 4 other games today. They will need to be on their best form against the resurgent Geek Fam.
4. Geek Fam

Geek Fam finally received a direct invite to an SEA regional qualifiers with the DAC 2018 – SEA Regional Qualifiers. We can confidently say that they’ve fully justified that decision by Perfect World. While all their series have been close affairs, Geek Fam has looked very impressive. Their next match will be quite a difficult one going up against Fnatic. But with EE sama and Co looking quite shaky after their ‘Pizza Party’, they have the potential to cause a huge upset.

Schedule for tomorrow:
Match Time in IST Time in SGT
Fnatic vs Geek Farm 03:30 PM 06:00 PM
TNC Pro Team vs Mineski 03:30 PM 06:00 PM

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