First big upset of TI8 - Newbee knocked out of the main event

Vignesh Raghuram

21o, Aug, 2018
After the first two elimination matches featuring 3 SEA teams and 1 Chinese team, two SEA teams were eliminated from TI8. The next set of elimination matches similarly saw 3 Chinese teams and 1 CIS team, and consequently, two Chinese teams were eliminated from TI8.
Newbee vs Winstrike: Newbee and Kpii left in tears

Newbee looked to play a somewhat slower game with a Gyrocopter and Mirana pick, but without sacrificing pushing potential with a Dragon Knight. Winstrike picked a rather mid game aggressive line-up that could take the fight to Newbee. The CIS squad won basically every lane, denying Newbee any chance for early map control. Winstrike made sure to punish every little misstep by the Chinese, but Newbee's split push and perfect execution of teamfights reeled in the net worth deficit.

Winstrike kept forcing fights and continuously caught Newbee off guard. Silent’s Phantom Lancer was nigh impossible to kill and the CIS team forced Newbee into their own base forcing multiple buybacks and killed them over and over again until they had to tap out.
Vici Gaming vs VGJ.Thunder: The battle amongst sister orgs for a shot at Glory

Vici Gaming pulled ahead in the laning stage and transitioned into a map controlling mid game, taking objectives and pushing VGJ.Thunder further back. The Chinese representative looked to take the fight to VGJ.Thunder, but consistently traded unfavorably, leading to an even bigger advantage for Vici Gaming. For a while, it looked like VGJ.Thunder could hold their high ground long enough for their cores to come online, but Vici Gaming sealed the deal with a dominating teamfight.