FACEIT Major: London 2018 - TyLoo fails to overcome BIG

Aditya Singh Rawat

13th, Sep, 2018

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Today TyLoo faced off against BIG in the winner's bracket of Faceit Major New Legends Stage

Both the teams are quite ecstatic with their respective wins against MIBR and Faze, as they came today to play each other in a BO1 match-up on Train. The winner of this match would reach a position from where they would be a win short of qualifying to the playoffs while the loser would be stuck somewhere in the middle.

A Challenge Too 'BIG' 

BIG started off by taking the pistol round with a really close defuse on B playing as CT. From here on they started to build momentum slow and steady reaching a seven-round streak. TyLoo finally managed to get themselves on the scoreboard in the eighth round but dropped the following round to the Germans. The rounds leading up to the half were dominated by BIG winning five out the remaining six with the scoreboard reading ‘13-2’.

The second half kicked off with TyLoo picking up five rounds in a row and as soon as the hype built up for a potential comeback, BIG brought TyLoo to a dead stop and took the match away by stringing together the three rounds required for the victory with the scores at the end reading ‘16-7’.

BIG moves on to tomorrows winner bracket hoping to finish off with a straight ‘3-0’ score as TyLoo find themselves in a situation similar to what they faced in the challengers' stage.

The stream is live and kicking at: 


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