FACEIT Major: London 2018 - TyLoo eliminates Spirit making it to the Legends Stage

Aditya Singh Rawat

9o, Sep, 2018

TyLoo survived a hell of an eliminator yesterday against Renegades, only to play another today versus Spirit in the fifth round of the New Challengers Stage at FACEIT Major: London 2018

The eliminator games played today will be BO3s and will be the final round of the first group stage. The winner will be walking through to the next stage while the loser bids farewell to the London Major.

Fated For Survival 

TyLoo faced off against Spirit on Overpass in the first match. Spirit took the pistol round playing T-side getting an immediate response from TyLoo in the next round. The following two rounds were split even after which TyLoo took a significant lead by winning 4 rounds in a row but Spirit chased taking the next two. The remaining five rounds until halftime was won by TyLoo, who was now leading by a score of ‘11-4’.

The second half started with Spirit taking a hattrick but a great defuse on A by TyLoo sent them one round closer to victory. The next few rounds were juggled between the two teams as Spirit tried their best to close down on the gap. TyLoo took the map point in the 24th round, giving away one round to Spirit after which they won the first match ‘16-10’.

The second match witnessed a fight between the two on Inferno. This time the pistol round was won by TyLoo to which Spirit responded positively in the next round. They continued to win, taking 3 more rounds and then TyLoo retaliated to draw out the scores at ‘4-4’. Spirit broke the tie by going on a 4-round streak while taking 2 more rounds from the remaining 3 before halftime, which ended with a score of ‘9-6’ in favour of Spirit. 

The second half was really competitive with both the teams consistently keeping pace at a deficit or a lead of one round until the scores finally drew again at ‘14-14’. The last two rounds were split between the two taking the match into overtime. 

The first and second overtime finished with a tied score as TyLoo finally managed to squeeze past Spirit in the third overtime and won the second match with a score of ‘25-23’.

TyLoo moves onto the next group stage after winning their second eliminator in a row against Spirit and relieving all the nervous pressure that they had been operating under. While Spirit bids farewell to the London Major losing out on the opportunity after capitalizing early on with two wins in the bag.

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