FACEIT Major: London 2018 - Renegades Survive To Face Another Eliminator

Aditya Singh Rawat

8th, Sep, 2018

Image Credit: Renegades

Renegades went up against Space Soldiers yesterday in the 3rd round of the New Challengers Stage at FACEIT Major: London 2018

Both the teams faced an elimination crisis losing all of their previous match-ups. Renegades couldn’t win it against BIG and Gambit whereas Space Soldiers dropped against Rogue and CompLexity, to wound up in the BO1 elimination match.

First Of Many Eliminations

The two fought the do-or-die match on Inferno. Although Renegades were playing the map for the first time it was Space Soldier’s third instance playing the map, losing in the 2 earlier instances. 

Renegades playing T-side started off taking the initial three rounds. Space Soldiers finally scored in the fourth round following which they took another five rounds. Renegades broke their streak and took 4 successive rounds getting back the lost lead. The last 2 rounds before the half were split evenly with Renegades leading by a difference of one. 

The second half started with Space Soldiers taking a hattrick but Renegades quickly stopped their advance as they took their first round of the half. They continued to build a lead by going on a 5-win streak. Renegades switched gears and retaliated by winning five rounds and reaching map point. The last round was clutched by Renegades taking the eliminator into overtime. 

The fourth overtime match of the day turned out to be a straight win for Renegades as they took 4 rounds in a row and walked away into the next round with a score of ‘19-15’.

Renegades win the match and survive to play another eliminator tomorrow while Space Soldiers have to bid farewell to the tournament, becoming the first team to get eliminated from the London Major

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