FACEIT Major - India + SEA teams to get 2 spots at the Asia Minor

Shounak Sengupta

4th, Apr, 2018

FACEIT recently revealed information about the qualification to the FACEIT Major including how the different regions will be distributed, the Minors and the formats among many other things. Here’s what you need to know:

The Qualifiers:

FACEIT has identified 9 regions across which online qualifiers will take place. These will, of course, be Open Qualifiers and anyone can register for them. EU, CIS and NA will have closed qualifiers after the open qualifiers and then the Minors, while the other regions can move into the Minors directly.


Europe, CIS and North America

EU, CIS and NA will have 4 OQ’s each and the two top teams from each will move into a closed qualifier. A total of 8 qualified and 8 invited teams will play in the closed qualifier for each region. In EU and CIS, the top 8 teams from the closed qualifier move onto the EU Minor and the CIS Minor, while in NA, the top 6 teams move into the Americas Minor.


Asia and SA

South America has a pretty simple qualification process. 2 online Open Qualifiers will be held per region with the winner for each moving onto the Americas Minor. Asia has been further divided into 5 regions.

India + SEA - 1 OQ - 2 teams qualify for the Asia Minor

East Asia - 1 OQ - 1 team qualifies for the Asia Minor

Middle East Asia - 1 OQ - 1 team qualifies for the Asia Minor

Oceania - 1 OQ - 1 team qualifies for the Asia Minor

China - 1 OQ - 1 team qualifies for the Asia Minor

This makes it a total of 6 teams who will end up qualifying for the Asia Minor.

The dates and links for registration links for each region can be found here.



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