eXTREMESLAND 2018 - Rush, TOP5, Fear the Reaper & Shotcallers make it to the quarterfinals

Aditya Singh Rawat

15th, Sep, 2018

Image Credit: Fate eSports

The Middle East Qualifier Finals for ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 started kicked off on 14th September with 8 teams qualifying for the event from 6 different countries.

The 8 teams were divided into 2 groups of 4 teams each. Each group would then compete in a double elimination bracket featuring BO1 matches. The winning team from both the groups will face each other in the grand finals in a BO3 match.

Upper Bracket Round-1 


NASR Esports vs Rush Middle East 

The first match of the day featured teams from UAE and Lebanon taking on each other. The two fought it out on Dust 2 in their BO1 match-up. 

Both the teams were equally skilled which made for an exciting match with the halftime score reading ‘9-6’ in favour of NASR. The second half saw a great comeback from Rush as they first tied the scores at ‘13-13’ before winning the match with a final score of ‘16-14’

Rush advanced to the upper bracket quarter-finals as NASR dropped down to the lower bracket facing an eliminator match. 


Peaky Arabs vs TOP5 

The second match witnessed the KSA qualified team take on the Kuwaiti team in their BO1 match-up on Mirage

The two teams went neck-to-neck, exchanging rounds in equal measure while taking advantage of every mistake that their opponents made which brought the scores to ‘8-7’ in favour of Peaky Arabs by halftime. But the latter half was an utter disappointment for them, as Peaky Arabs unexpectedly dropped the ball to let TOP 5 run away with the game, taking 9 rounds in a row thus winning the match ‘16-8’

Peaky Arabs drop down to the lower bracket to face NASR Esports in a crucial decider match as TOP5 move ahead to meet Rush Middle East in the upper bracket quarter-finals. 



Fear The Reaper vs Team Fate 

The BO1 match between Fear The Reaper from UAE and Team Fate from Jordan took place on Mirage.

The first half of the match went in favour of Fear The Reaper as they worked their opponents well through the excellent usage of utility items. With the scoreboard reading ‘10-5’, the second half started off well for Fate but the lead held by Fear helped them overcome their opponents winning the match with a score of ‘16-12’

Fear The Reaper head into the upper bracket quarter-finals as Team Fate drop down to the lower bracket facing a do-or-die match-up.


Shotcallers vs Portal Esports 

This was possibly the most anticipated match of the evening as Portal Esports was one of the most talked about teams in the tournament. 

The BO1 matchup between the Pakistani and UAE team was held on Inferno

This was the most dominant performance of the evening yet, with Shotcallers taking a huge lead in the first half as the scoreboard read ‘12-3’ in their favour. The second half was short-lived with Shotcallers taking all the rounds and winning the match with a score of ‘16-3’.

A splendid performance from Shotcallers sees the Pakistani squad dropping down to the lower bracket where they will play an elimination match versus Team Fate while Shotcallers move ahead to face Fear The Reaper.


Catch the rest of the qualifier LIVE at the stream below: 





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