eXTREMESLAND 2018 - Japan Qualifier Finals set with the four finalists

Aditya Singh Rawat

10th, Sep, 2018

The Japanese Qualifier Finals for ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 is about to take place at the end of this month on 29th-30th September

The Japanese Qualifier is being hosted as a part of Galleria GameMaster Cup 2018. The group stages for which were held from 25th August-2nd September

31 teams participated in the group stage. These teams had an opportunity to take part in 4 separate group stages in order to qualify for the playoffs. Teams were allowed to take part in multiple group stages which were held on 4 separate days (25th,26th,1st & 2nd).

Total of 4 teams would make it through to the playoffs, one winner from every group stage. The group stage followed a single elimination BO1 format. Following are the teams that qualified to the playoffs: 

  • Group-A: Ignis 

  • Group-B: Reign In Gaming 

  • Group-C: SCARZ Absolute 

  • Group-D: Team DWFN 


Ignis won the Group-A stage but their overall performance wasn’t really smooth. They are not an extremely talented team but they do have a really good balance of everything and on top of that, they possess this amazing skill to remain extremely calm in pressure situations. They won by scores of ‘16-13’, ‘19-16’ & ‘16-14’ on their way to the finals which shows their talent to handle pressure quite well.

Also, Ignis destroyed Antithese, which are a favourite to qualify for the playoffs ‘16-1’ on Dust 2, so probably ban the map instead of challenging them on it.

Reign in Gaming

Reign in Gaming had a good run in the Group-A stage closely losing out to Ignis but they proved their worth in Group-B stage. Winning easily against the weaker opponents, Reign showed some good tactical plays along with multiple great reads on their opponents defeating some strong opponents like Antithese and OGFire.

SCARZ Absolute

SCARZ Absolute participated in Group-A Qualifier initially where they lost in the second round against Antithese, falling victim to a slower paced gameplay. Constantly opting for an aggressive playstyle for success their opponents worked them well taking them down ‘22-20’ in overtime.

Skipping Group-B they returned in Group-C stage adopting the same aggressive style, it worked in their favour all the way through as they won their revenge match ‘16-11’ against Antithese defeating them in the finals with their constant on the move playstyle.


Team DWFN couldn’t get past the first round in Group-A & Group-C stages while dropping out in the second round in the Group-B stage. In the last group stage, they defeated Antithese ‘16-8’ in the very first round which was a big surprise for everyone.  

Not a very consistent team who move very well with each other but lack a lot when it comes to synchronizing an attack or holding a site which is the biggest chink in their armour but having quite some local individual talent they manage to hold their ground if everything goes well.

These 4 teams will now compete in a single elimination BO3 bracket at the LFS Ikebukuro esports Arena, Japan.
With Ignis and SCARZ Absolute having a really good chance of seeing each other in the finals. The winner will qualify for the Main Event to be held in Shanghai along with winning a cash prize of ‘1,000,000 JYP’.

More information about the Japanese Qualifier can be found HERE

The match will be streamed live at:


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