eXTREMESLAND 2018 India DIQ Day-2: Survival of the best observes OpTic & Entity making it through

Aditya Singh Rawat

15th, Aug, 2018

The 2nd day of DIQ-India for eXTREMESLAND 2018 saw the most anticipated match-up take place between, the defending champions Entity Gaming and a very determined OpTic India. We also witnessed 2ez Gaming fight tooth and nail to reach the Lower Bracket Finals after winning 3 back-to-back games. 

ATE Gaming’s Worthy Effort 

ATE Gaming faced Invictus in the 2nd Lower Bracket Round. The first match between the two teams was played on Train with the round's being exchanged in equal measures and Invictus coming on top after halftime to take the round ‘16-13’. ATE came back strong in the second match, crushing Invictus '16-2’ with a dominant T-sided performance on Cache. The do-or-die match played on Inferno was very closely contested as the match went into overtime. ATE came through victorious in the end taking the match ‘19-17’. 

Too EZ Performance By ‘2ez Gaming’  

The first game for the day witnessed 2ez Gaming facing off against Brutality for a BO3 series in the 2nd Lower Bracket Round. The first match was played on Cache which was fought on equal terms with 2ez slightly edging out with a ‘16-14’ victory which they quickly followed up with a comfortable ‘16-8’ win on ‘Inferno’. 

Moving onto the 3rd Lower Bracket Round the in-form 2ez Gaming was ready to fight it out against ATE Gaming. In the first match both the teams went toe-to-toe, with 2ez again outplaying their opponents in the last couple of rounds to take the match ‘16-12’. The following round was played on Cache, which observed 2ez dropping just 3 rounds taking the match ‘16-3’ and the series ‘2-0’. 

Aggressive OpTic with A Touch Of ‘yb’ 

The Upper Bracket Finals saw the clash between the two giants, Entity Gaming & OpTic India. The struggle was hard but OpTic came through fighting strong at every point.

The first match took place on Nuke which went in favour of OpTic who won the game ‘16-9’. Entity came back strong in a tight second match being played on Dust 2 with a score of ‘16-12’. The decider took place on Cache which saw a few initial rounds being distributed equally between the two but OpTic picked off in the middle to leave Entity in the wake, taking the match with a score of ‘16-11’. 

OpTic came out victorious taking the series ‘2-1’ and becoming the first team to qualify for the India LAN Finals

A Champion’s Resolve 

Although dropping down to the Lower Bracket, Entity Gaming showcased an undeterred character playing the Lower Bracket Finals against 2ez Gaming.  

The first match was fought on Mirage which was closely contested, both the teams performed exceptionally playing from the T-side but a marginally better gameplay from 2ez secured them the win ‘16-14’. The second match saw a complete domination by Entity playing from the CT-side, as they won on Cache with a score of ‘16-4’. The final match took place on Overpass which came to ‘11-11’ draw but a few solid rounds by Entity ensured them the win ‘16-13’ along with a place in the India Lan Finals

Green Wall Unhindered 

The Grand Finale observed OpTic India facing off against Entity Gaming yet again, this time having a ‘1-0’ head start over their opponents. The last match of the DIQ was won ‘16-12’ by OpTic India who displayed an outstanding CT-sided performance. OpTic stood strong defeating every opponent it faced in the tournament so far, unflinched & unharmed. 

With this, we come to the end of the India-DIQ for eXTREMESLAND 2018 which observed OpTic India and Entity Gaming making it through to the India LAN Finals.  

Stay tuned as we progress through the remaining regional qualifiers, also find the upcoming schedule by clicking here.



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