Ex-Tyloo players come together to form a new team called 'One Three'

Aditya Singh Rawat

28th, Apr, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Trafalgar Esports

According to a report published by 5EPlay on weibo, a new Chinese team called One Three has been announced earlier in the day today. The team consists of Ke ‘captainMo’ Liu, Hui ‘DD’ Wu, Zhen ‘HZ’ Huang, Yue ‘AE‘ Yu and QiFang ‘Karsa’ Su.

CaptainMo and DD are one of the most iconic duo in the history of Chinese CounterStrike, the two are credited with the formation of this team. Both of them have been out of service since leaving Tyloo back at the start of the year and are making their comeback with a team consisting of heavily experienced players who are well respected in the Chinese CS community.

HZ and AE are also ex-Tyloo players with the former having left Tyloo a year back. Since then HZ has hopped around mJanuaryultiple teams like ViCi, Fierce Tigers, CyberZen and Panda, never settling down long enough to have an impact. As for AE, he was recently loaned out to BTRG.IMBA from where he moved on to join One Three.

Karsa also has a history with Tyloo but as a coach rather than a player. Since then he has spent a lot of time serving in Flash Gaming, moving out of the team when the entire roster disbanded back on 3rd January.


With the top Chinese teams picking international talents and young blood in their roster for improved firepower and to train players better as they grow. One Three is a team that has renowned players that are respected but not talked about as being the best in the scene.

They may surely lack the potential to grow further and might not be able to adapt as quickly as the other teams when a new meta rolls out but experience is one of the most valuable ingredient in any aspect of life, which is something that the team has in abundance.

With a lot of CS action left to roll out in the coming months, let’s see how the team holds up to against its adversaries.

One Three line-up is as follows,

  • Ke ‘captainMo’ Liu

  • Hui ‘DD’ Wu

  • Zhen ‘HZ’ Huang

  • Yue ‘AE‘ Yu

  • QiFang ‘Karsa’ Su


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