ESL One Mumbai : Keen get their revenge and move onto the grand finals

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Apr, 2019

Cover image source : @ESL Dota2

Keen Gaming are living up to the favourites tag as they took down Na’Vi in the lower bracket finals, eliminating the very same team that knocked them down in the first place. The Chinese team looked to be in sublime form, and left Na’Vi shellshocked, especially in the 2nd game.


Eleven’s Doom Bringer stole the limelight in game 1, finishing the game with 752 gpm as Na’Vi lost all 3 lanes and never really got their game going. Keen Gaming’s decision to take away Na’Vi’s Shadow Shaman worked and their CIS squad mainly spent a lot of their time scratching their heads as Keen walked all over them to a win.


In game 2, Na’Vi had all the things going for them as yi’s farm on Ember Spirit was severely hampered. However, Keen fought back on the back of their crucial teamfight spells with Kaka’s Winter Wyvern landing some clutch Winter’s Curses to allow Keen to stay in the fight. While it looked that Na’Vi would walk away with a win on the back of a lategame Spectre and Storm Spirit, Keen were able to find some good fights, exploiting Na;’Vi’s decision to fight on their half of the map. Suddenly Na’Vi lost all the lead that they had and Keen played on their momentum, with old chicken’s PA dealing massive amounts of damage and wiping all of Na’Vi.


Keen Gaming now take on Mineski in the grand finals for the championship and it promises to be an excellent encounter as both teams have displayed some excellent Dota in the tournament.



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