ESL India Premiership Fall Season finale: 2ez Gaming win their first major title in rematch

Shounak Sengupta

28o, Oct, 2018

It was exactly one year ago when 2ez gaming came onto the scene as major contenders in the Indian CS:GO scene. However, over the year their performances deteriorated and the team were unable to go all the way in any of the major LANs. At the ESL India Premiership, Fall Season finale, they were eliminated by OpTic Gaming who were later found to have been using cheats and were therefore disqualified. In the rematch between Slaughter Rage Army and 2ez, which was played out earlier today, the team from Mumbai came out on top, taking a clean 2-0 victory to be crowned champions.

2ez started off strong on SRA’s map pick with Badman stepping up multiple times with the entry frags on cache. A well-spread kill count across the 2ez players allowed them to clinch the map 16-14. It came down to 2ez’s pick, nuke, and this time it was Rex and Pok1 who stepped up to clinch the map 16-11. It just wasn’t SRA’s day who despite a solid online phase were unable to make it count where it mattered.

With OpTic India’s win being overturned in the aftermath of the forsaken debacle, 2ez were able to step up and claim their first major LAN victory in the country.