ESL India Premiership 2018 - Is there any incentive to register for the Winter Season?

Vignesh Raghuram

28th, Oct, 2018

After a very dramatic conclusion to the Fall Season, The ESL India Premiership 2018 is back for its next iteration: the Winter season. 

The Winter season is already poised to be better than the previous season thanks to the sheer quality of teams that have been amalgamated in the Masters League. Signify, ROG TiTans, WipeouT, and LXG Esports represent the finest Dota 2 teams in the country. While the competition between a reinvigorated Entity Gaming, Slaughter Rage Army, Invictus (now that Huntr has returned), and 2ez Gaming is also going to be an extremely fierce one.


Teams who finished in the Top 8 in last season’s Master League will continue to play in this season’s Master League. The bottom 4 teams will be relegated to the Challenger League while the Top 4 teams in the Challenger League will be promoted to the Master League, which will lead to some of the most prominent SEA/Indian teams competing in the Master League.

Like always, the Starter League is the only means to get into the Challenger League (The Top 2 teams in each phase of the Starter league will make it into the Challenger league), ergo the Master League and the LAN Finales. However, teams can't push on and make it to the Master League by the end of this edition of the ESL India Premiership.

So we asked The Product Head of the ESL India Premiership, Aditya 'Ad1' Shah: What is the incentive for upcoming teams to sign up for the Winter Season Starter Cups?

He replied stating:

"Yes, this year their only incentive is going up to the Challenger league and money.

But the top 4 from the Challenger Series #3 in winter, will progress to the Masters League next season.

We are probably going to leave the format of the Premiership unchanged next year, except for the prize money being raised and distribution changed."

Earlier this year, we published an article detailing the format of the ESL India Premiership and potential problems that may emerge

The 2017 edition of the ESL India Premiership saw, 79 Dota 2 teams and 100 CS:GO teams register for the Winter Season starter cup (November Starter Cup). In the 2018 edition, 52 Dota 2 teams and 116 CS:GO teams registered for the Fall Season - Starter Cup #3. So far, 29 Dota 2 teams and 79 CS:GO teams have registered for phase 1 of the Winter season starter cup.


Registration info

All Registrations close on 31st October 2018. Register for the tournament, by clicking the below links


Dota 2




Clash Royale


The Season kicks off on 1st November 2018 and will run through for about three months before the winners are crowned in the Winter Season LAN Finale.


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