ESL India Premiership 2018 - Fall Season Finale [CS:GO Preview]

Aditya Singh Rawat

12o, Oct, 2018

Tomorrow marks the beginning of one of the biggest events of the year as the four qualified teams battle it out at the ESL India Premiership 2018 – Fall Season Finale in Hyderabad. 

The event will feature the best teams from India who have slogged through the entire Fall Season which started back in July and have finally made it to the Season Finale.

The event boasts a prize pool of INR 10 Lakhs and the winners will directly qualify for ESL Pro League – Asia Playoffs where they'll battle for a slot in the ESL Pro League Season 8 - Finals

Following are the four teams that have qualified for the Fall Season Finale, 

  • SRA 

  • Brutality 

  • 2ez Gaming 

  • OpTic India

Know Your Participants


Slaughter Rage Army performed really well this season finishing third on the points table after all the matches had been played out.

Overall a really good team, the players as individuals are also highly talented but still, success has been alluring them for quite a while now. The hard work is definitely there as they have made it to the finale after being relegated from the ESL India Premiership 2018 – Summer Season. 

Let’s see if they can best their adversaries this time around and quench their thirst of tasting victory. 


It has been a tough season for Brutality who seemed to be right there amongst the top teams in the country but not at the very top itself.  

After facing disappointment in the recently concluded Dew Arena 2018 where they were unable to win a single match, the team must be certainly itching to prove themselves and what more could they have asked for rather than the Fall Season Finale. 

Finishing at the second position in the Regular Season, Brutality have looked very comfortable playing most of their matches. No matter what the situation might be the team exudes confidence in their plays and executions, most of the credit for which goes to their IGL Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth. 

Let’s see if they can prove their worth or will they go without a win yet again. 

2ez Gaming 

The young squad has had a great run this season upsetting the balance of the Indian circuit beating teams like Entity and Invictus quite convincingly and qualifying for the Fall Season Finale by placing fourth on the points table. 

Their recent run at the Dew Arena 2018 was quite impressive, finishing as the runners-up at the event. 2ez has the potential to be a top tier team. Their performances over the past few tournaments have indicated that they have slowly started to live up to that potential 

Maybe this will be their big break to leave a dent on the Indian scene. 

OpTic India

Hands down the best Indian team that has been dominating the circuit since its inception. They placed right at the very top of the leaderboards without dropping a single match to any of their opponents. No other CS:GO team has ever done this in the ESL India Premiership.

Apart from this, their recent run at the Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 – SEA Qualifier was just too good to be true. They evolved into a team who can hold their own against the best teams from Asia. They will be certainly looking forward to challenging them at the ESL Pro League – Asia Playoff. 

But before that, OpTic India needs to secure the championship in the ESL India Premiership 2018 - Fall Season Finale to make that dream a reality.


The event can be viewed from the comfort of your homes as the event will be streamed live on Hotstar’s Esports Section.

And for all those who are in or near Hyderabad, do attend the LAN at the Hitex Exhibition Center where AFK Gaming will also be present doing some exciting content which you can keep up-to-date with by checking out our social media handles

For the complete schedule and any other information visit ESL India’s Facebook page.