Entity qualifies for TEGC 2018 despite playing 4v5

Aditya Singh Rawat

25th, Sep, 2018

The TEGC 2018 Playoffs which took place last weekend, witnessed the final eight teams that will be moving onto the TEGC 2018 LAN Finals

The eight teams qualifying for the LAN Finals are as follows: 

  • Elements 

  • Team Kafan 

  • Go Figure 

  • JHS 

  • DaySleeperZ 

  • Entity Gaming 

  • God Particles 

  • Invictus

This Is Entity!!!

The heroics of Entity Gaming was the most commendable run amongst all the qualifying teams, as they played throughout the competition with a one-man disadvantage.

Coming into the playoffs, Entity Gaming was one of the favourites to easily make it to the LAN event but little did they know what lay ahead.

One of the players from Entity Gaming, Ishpreet Chadha aka HuNtR who is also an international snooker player was away from the team this weekend, missing out on the TEGC playoffs due to a Snooker Championship being hosted in Doha, where he was representing the country as a part of the Indian contingent.

Entity Gaming in their first match against Slaughter Rage Army tried to play with HuNtR trying to connect all the way from Doha but the constant ping spikes along with frequent DC’s didn’t make it possible for him to play. 

One-man down Entity asked the organizers if they could let their stand-in play instead of HuNtR but they weren’t allowed to do so, as the rules of the event set by the organizers stated that,

A team is only allowed to play with the same five players that had played for them in the qualifiers.

Now in a fix, Entity tried to reason it out but the organizers stayed adamant on their decision. Finally, Entity respecting the rules continued playing the match 4v5.

After a tough 40 minutes or so Entity Gaming took down SRA ‘16-8’ and moved on to face Elements in the next round. A ‘16-2’ loss to Elements dropped Entity down to the lower bracket where they faced-off against FWD. A rather close match, which ended with Entity coming on top with a score of ‘16-12’. With this win, Entity managed to reach the top-8 and secured their position in the upcoming LAN Finals.

Stay tuned as we see Entity Gaming continue their epic journey in the LAN Finals which will take place in Mumbai from 19th-20th October. And yes, the team whole team will be there for the event!


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