Entity Gaming are the Dew Arena 2018 - CS:GO Champions

Aditya Singh Rawat

8o, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Sid Joshi

The Dew Arena 2018 – Grand Finale was held today at Leisure Valley, Gurugram witnessing an epic match between the two finalists Entity Gaming and 2ez Gaming, who made their way through the group stages held a couple of days back.

Entity and 2ez engaged each other in a BO3 series with the winner walking away with a cash prize of INR 6 Lakh along with bottle presence while the runner-ups only get a cash prize of INR 1.5 Lakh.

Undefeated Champions

Entity Gaming who hadn’t dropped a single round so far since the group stage went against 2ez Gaming on Inferno in their first match.

2ez started off really strong, showing good confidence that led them to take some quick initial rounds off Entity, as they came out on top with a small lead by the halftime mark. Entity had a good discussion on how they were about to play being T-sided and executed their plans to perfection, winning ten rounds in a row and pull the first match away from the hands of 2ez with the scoreboard reading ‘16-9’.

With already a loss against Entity in the group stage 2ez had to win this second match if they desired redemption. The second match took place on Mirage where 2ez started off strong yet again but faltered in the middle rounds to give a small lead to Entity.  

Entity now in the driver's seat proceeded with caution, maintaining the lead acquired in the first half through to the end, as they dissolved their opponents hope bit by bit until they claimed their victory in the 29th round with the scoreboard reading ‘16-13’.

With this ‘2-0’ victory over 2ez, Entity Gaming became the Dew Arena 2018 Champions winning the INR 6 Lakh cash prize along with the recognition via the bottle presence promised by the organizers. With this Entity has yet again established their dominance in the Indian CS:GO scene. 

Congratulations! And stay tuned with us for more CS:GO updates.