Entity Gaming adds Ar1se, NoiA, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN and Luk? to roster

Vignesh Raghuram

27th, Jan, 2018
A new season, a new roster. Entity Gaming has finalized their lineup for the rest of the season with an added European flavor. European Superstar Turtoi “Ar1se” Ionut, will be joined by Danish brothers, Danny "NoiA" Junget and Mikki Mørch "HeStEJoE-RoTTeN" Junget. The Europeans will be joined by long-serving Entity Gaming support, Job Real “Jobeezy” Ramos and Singaporean SEA Pubstar Lukman “Luk ?” Nooraznan.

This newest iteration of Entity Gaming will be quite interesting to watch. While the roster is yet to be tested against other pro teams. On paper, this squad can easily compete with the best teams in the SEA region. This roster has the best chance at becoming the first Entity Gaming lineup to qualify for the main event of a Valve Minor/Major.

With over 60% of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit yet to be played, this is the Primetime for Entity Gaming to finalize their new roster.

In an exclusive statement to AFK Gaming, Entity Gaming Owner Neerav Rukhana said:
“We trialed a lot of good players, played a lot of scrims with different compositions, and it's all been done to find the people with not only the skill but also the personal qualities. I am confident that this line-up will be the most dedicated, hardworking and talented rosters we’ve assembled. From an organization standpoint, I would like to say that we will make every effort to see that this team succeeds in the long run, and please the fans with great results."
The Team
1. Lukman “Luk ?” Nooraznan
Luk ? is a Singaporean pubstar who currently ranks 18, just below VP.No[o]ne and just above Newbee.Moogy in the SEA Leaderboards. Certainly not bad company. He is one of the most mechanically skilled carries in the SEA region who regularly bosses around players like Meracle~ and LFY.Monet with his carry play.

His best heroes are his Anti-Mage and Sven with whom he has an absurd 81.89% and 79.60% win rate respectively. He can also play a mean Meepo (80.63% Winrate) which would lend Entity Gaming a huge drafting advantage.

Now that he’s found a new home at Entity Gaming with an abundance of talent around him, and an experienced captain in Danny "NoiA " Junget, he may just reach the top level that has been predicted of him.

2. Turtoi "Ar1se" Ionut
The most famous player on this roster, Ar1se is most famous for his stunning Magnus play. He is arguably the best Magnus player in the world, which leads opponents almost always first-phase ban that hero when matched up against him.

But he is not just a one hero wonder, Ar1se can also play a frightening Shadow Fiend with whom he has a 57.95% winrate in Pro matches. He is also pretty well-versed on his Puck and Queen of Pain amongst other mid heroes, so Entity Gaming is pretty well equipped to matchup against the best midlaners SEA has to offer.

His previous team was Team Doggie alongside fellow Entity Gaming players HeStEJoE-RoTTeN and NoiA with whom he managed to get three 2nd place finishes in MID.TV Challenge Cup, ProDotA Cup Europe #25 and the joinDOTA League Season 11 Europe.

3. Mikki Mørch "HeStEJoE-RoTTeN" Junget

One half of the Danish Brotherhood, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN was best known for his performances in the offlane with the erstwhile Cloud9/The Imperial roster which had Team Secret Carry “Ace” and EU pubstar “13abyKnight” in their ranks.  He was probably one of the most underappreciated players in the team.

His best heroes are Batrider, Puck and Dark Seer on which he is known to pressure the opponent safelane carry to the point where he practically forces their supports to gank him in a bid to ensure that their carry has a decent game.

With this lineup, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN has the potential to reach a level where he can be compared to other great SEA offlaners like Mineski.iceiceice, Fnatic.Universe, Ohaiyo and TNC.SamH.

4. Danny "NoiA" Junget

The other half of the Danish Brotherhood, NoiA is a long-standing veteran in the European Pro Dota scene with some success in the international scene. His biggest achievement is his 2nd place finish at the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 which left his team $400,000 richer.

He might be quite familiar with Entity Gaming considering his previous stint with the team in the ROG Masters 2017: Philippines Qualifiers where they finished in 2nd place.

NoiA is well-versed on his Earth Spirit and Ogre Magi play, allowing his team to be the ones to set the Tempo in the Early Game stages. At 28 years of age, NoiA will definitely be bringing in the experience and the fortitude that Entity Gaming has been lacking.

5. Job Real “Jobeezy” Ramos

The most familiar face in the Entity Gaming roster, Jobeezy has been a part of Entity Gaming for over a year and a half, an eternity in the esports scenario.

While Jobeezy may not be as successful or renowned as his new teammates, his stable-support play is a key part of ETG’s success thus far. Now, with an experienced veteran such as NoiA  as his support partner, Jobeezy has the opportunity to become an OG.Fly-esque figure who brings much more to his team than just the mechanical aspects of gameplay.

His best heroes are Rubick, Shadow Shaman, and Jakiro, all with 60%+ win rates with a sub-280 GPM proving that he is one of the most efficient supports who can do a lot with very little gold. This is his best shot at becoming one of the best supports in SEA.
Thus their team will be:
  • Lukman "Luk ?" Nooraznan - Position 1
  • Turtoi "Ar1se" Ionut - Position 2
  • Mikki Mørch "HeStEJoE-RoTTeN" Junget - Position 3
  • Danny "NoiA " Junget - Position 4
  • Job Real “Jobeezy” Ramos - Position 5
And just like that, Entity Gaming has become one of the strongest teams in the SEA Dota 2 Pro Circuit. They have already assembled their team at their boot camp in Manila, Philippines. Their first showing with this team will be at the Epicenter 2018: SEA Open Qualifiers

This announcement comes as the last roster lock deadline for TI8 approaches on February 5. After the fifth, teams will not be able to add players until after The International 8.

Can Entity Gaming meet the ambitions of the management? Will they make it to the main event of a Valve Major/Minor? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting at us @afkgaming.