Dreamleague Season 10 Minor: Tigers to face RNG in the winners bracket finals

Shounak Sengupta

2nd, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @Moxxicasts

China and SEA will fight it out in the winners bracket finals of the Dreamleague Season 10 Minor for a guaranteed spot in the grand finals after RNG and Tigers both took 2-1 victories over Complexity and Na’Vi respectively.

Huskar pick catches out Complexity

Complexity started the series well with a surprise 5 position Puck. Along with Skem’s BS they dominated their lane and both the Bloodseeker and Sneyking’s Necrophos snowballed heavily. With Limmp’s Kunkka providing them the Rum buff required to be extra tnky, coL had little trouble taking teamfights and closed out the game by 35 minutes. RNG struck back in game 2 on the back of Monet’s Morphling, never allowing Skem’s Void to come online. In game 3, a last pick Huskar did Complexity in as they never really could effectively deal with the hero.

Na’Vi’s drafts cost them the series

In the second semifinal, Tigers came out on top, taking down Na’Vi whose drafts were all over the place. Moonmeander’s Pangolier had a great time in lane against Bliizy’s Enigma in game 1 and used the momentum to shut down Na’Vi time and again. His tanky build made life super difficult for the Na’Vi cores who were simply unable to bring him down in teamfights. However, in game 2, Blizzy’s Axe took the game to the Tigers, who seemed unprepared despite coming in with a Gyro+Io strat. With an Alchemist on their side, Na’Vi never slipped up on their lead and closed the game out rather easily. In game 3, Na’Vi drafted a super greedy line up featuring a Drow, Sniper and Enigma. InYourDream’s Lina destroyed the Sniper on his Lina and the Na’Vi cores could never get into fights without getting bursted instantly.

Image source: @DreamHack Dota


Na’Vi now drop down into the lower bracket where they’ll face Vega Squadron. Complexity will take on Infamous in the same round. Meanwhile, RNG and Tigers square off in the winners bracket finals. Stay tuned for all the updates.



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