Dreamleague Season 10: Complexity and Tigers top their respective groups

Shounak Sengupta

31st, Oct, 2018

Cover image source: @DreamHackDota

Day 2 of the playoffs saw some crucial matches as the teams in Groups A and B went up against each other to secure the upper bracket spots in the playoffs. Here’s how things went down:

Timado’s Infamous take down Vega Squadron

The South American squad completed the 2-0 over Vega to keep their hopes alive of an upper bracket start. Timado, on the carry role was instrumental in Infamous’s wins as a hapless Vega never really looked to be in a position to win either game. The Broodmother pick for Infamous became too much for Vega to handle and it allowed tons of space for Timado’s Terrorblade. Madara had a good performance on Slark with 20 kills but Infamous’s cores had the late game secured.

In game 2, Vega had no answers to the Infamous midgame and Timado’s strong performance on the Mirana was too much for the European stack to handle..

Complexity take top seed in Group A

In the winner's bracket matchup of Group A, Complexity emerged the clear victors, taking down Na’Vi 2-0. They used their tried and tested Gyro+Io strat to win the first game despite Crystallize’s best efforts on the Clinkz. The Divine Rapier pickup wasn’t enough from the carry player of Na’Vi as coL closed out the game in the 57th minute. In game 2, the NA side capitalized off the good start on both their mid and offlaner. Neither of Na’Vi’s supports could get anything done around the map as the coL cores fed repeatedly on Sonneiko’s Chen and snowballed. Despite the farm on Crystallize’s PL, Na’Vi were too far behind to defend their high ground and conceded that game and the series.

The Final Tribe drop ROOONS down to the lower bracket

TFT took a pretty convincing win off of BSJ’s tack ROOONS and will now have one last shot at securing that upper bracket start. Chessie took apart the NA side’s attempt at a Drow strat with relative ease as he snowballed out of control on his Tiny. Game 2 was a very similar story as Chessie once again dominated the map on his Tiny allowing his PL to farm up and close out the game.

Tigers take top seed in Group B

In group B, SEA team, Tigers etched out a hard-fought 2-1 victory over RNG to take the top spot. In game 1, the tanky duo of Ogre and DK made it impossible for RNG to engage into the Tigers. As a result, 1437’s team controlled the whole map and never allowed Monet to get farm on the Spectre. Game 2 was probably the most exciting game of the day as RNG came back from a 20k deficit to take tie the series. The game lasted for almost 90 minutes before RNG, who had defended well with their Tinker were able to go in and finish the game. Finally, in game 3, Tigers were able to run their Phoenix successfully allowing them to take good teamfights. Despite some good counters on the RNG side, Tigers played their lead well and were able to take the series.


Infamous now face Na’Vi in Group A while RNG will go up against TFT. Winners of both matches will join Tigers and Complexity in the upper
bracker while the losers will go to the loser bracket along with Vega Squadron and ROOONS.


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