Dreamleague Season 10: Complexity and Na’Vi draw first blood in Group A

Shounak Sengupta

29th, Oct, 2018

Cover image source: @compLexity

The first DPC event of the season kicked off earlier today, the Dreamleague Season 10 Minor and it was EE’s Complexity and Na’Vi who stood tall in the opening games of Group A.

Envy’s Wisp strat rips apart Infamous

Complexity brought back tthe old Gyro+Io combo as Infamous were caught unaware, falling to comprehensive defeats in both games. CoL ran over the South American side who clearly looked outmatched across the series. Complexity, on the other hand, played a fast tempo game, utilizing cores who had low cooldown ultimates, allowing them to take frequent fights, making the game hard for heroes like the Invoker and the Morphling.

Na’Vi too good for a stratless Vega Squadron

The second match too saw a similar result as Na’Vi proved to be the better team, aking a 2-0 over former teammate Dendi and his Vega Squadron. Dendi might just be standing in for this tournament, but his experience proved to be of little value as Na’Vi outdrafted and outplayed Vega throughout the series. Crysallize’s Void suffered a single death, picking up 24 kills in the 2 game series and his Chronospheres were instrumental in setting up a good fight for Na’Vi. Vega’s drafts, on the other hand, looked a bit over the place as they tried to force the Phoenix pick in both games and had little success.


Complexity now face Na’Vi for the top seed slot from Group A while Vega will go up against Infamous as the loser of that game will be forced to start off in the lower bracket. Both games will kick off tomorrow.



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