DPC app says Tigers have disbanded, but the org may be back for another stint in SEA soon!

Shounak Sengupta

14o, May, 2019

Cover  image source: @Tigers

The formation of Tigers was seen as a big boost for the SEA scene as it allowed for western and SEA talent to play in one team. The team's form initially was great, as they almost qualified for TI8. However, their biggest success came when the new season began. Tigers qualified and won the first DPC event of the season - the Dreamleague Season 10 Minor. The subsequent Major was a disaster the Tigers,  as they were eliminated in last place, and it marked a downward spiral for the side, one which they unable to recover from.


Multiple roster shuffles later, the team's results haven’t improved and they failed to qualify for a single DPC event since then and today the team has been disbanded according to the DPC app. Despite bringing in big names like Mushi, Dendi and Raven, Tigers were unable to find success with their side. The COBX Masters was the last LAN that the side played in, losing in the finals to DeToNaTor in the grand finals.


With Dendi and Xepher having left the team in April, it became increasingly hard to find players since it is the tail end of the season and the team has decided to disband. The following Twitter thread by the Tigers captain, Theeban ‘1437’ Siva sheds more light into why and how the performance of the team deteriorated.

Velo, who was last seen playing for the Tigers has qualified to the EPICENTER Closed qualifiers with a stack known as Power of MYSG. While unconfirmed, there are possibilities that this stack will be picked up by the Tigers org.