Dota Plus really is a game-changer for Dota 2

Vignesh Raghuram

14o, Mar, 2018
The Introduction of Dota Plus by Valve had the community respond in a ‘mixed’ manner. Initial responses to the announcement claimed that the model was pay to win and the Valve had started going down in a treacherous path. But with a day of testing out the new service, opinions have definitely changed and swung back the other way around.

As of now, the responses have evolved into a much more positive one with the front page of r/dota2 filled with positive news about Dota Plus.

So are you ready to sink $4 a month ($22.50 after the discount for 6 months and around $42 for 12 months), to fully utilize Dota Plus and its rich features that focus not only on statistical information and decision making but also some of the hats that come alongside? We’ll help you make that decision.
What Dota Plus is not?
  • Pay2Win

    Yeah, you heard us right. Dota Plus initially when announced felt like it had Pay2Win aspects thanks to its real-time stats and analysis. Anything that the Plus assistant tells players (The Item suggestions, Hero suggestions, etc) would give an edge to Plus subscribers rather than newer Dota 2 players who don’t have one. This has not changed.

    But realistically half of them are theoretically available with other tools as well. For example, take the Item/Skillbuild suggestions, it has been available for years in the form of In-Game guides (Which are still better than Dota Plus suggestions IMO, I have been suggested to pick up an Armlet as a Gyrocopter by the Plus assistant smh). The hero suggestions? Dotapicker has been for years. The real-time networth update? That too has been calculatable for months; Networth = (Death Cost -50) x 40.

    All Dota Plus does, is congregate all of these features into an easily accessible format for a nominal fee per month.
  • An Automatic way to gain MMR

    While the Plus assistant feature may help a player learn and improve in Dota 2 in the Herald and Guardian Tiers, there's still a significant amount of hard work and effort needed from the player for that to mean anything.

    Players will still need to learn to utilize these Data and improve in specific aspects of their game. For example; Players who are bad at last hitting, don’t automatically get good just because they learn that they are bad at that. They still need to practice/play a lot more focusing on that aspect for any significant improvement.
  • A replacement for the International Compendium

    A lot of people seem to think that Dota Plus completely replaces all types of Battle Passes. It doesn't, it only replaces the Battle Pass for the old Majors.
From Valve's blog post:
“In the past, we released two types of Battle Passes, ones that revolved around the Majors, and one around The International. As a result of the recent introduction of the Pro Circuit, we’ve replaced the Majors Battle Passes with a new type of service that doesn’t depend on a specific start and end date, and one that we can continually add features and content to over time.”

Which implies that there will be a separate Battle Pass released around The International 8. While we can expect some sort of Tie-in, The TI Battle Pass is sure to return in some form, with a similar business model as before. Otherwise, we don't see Valve being able to generate a comparable prize pool to previous years.
What Dota Plus is
  • A tool to help players get better and climb the Ranked Tiers

    The Dota Plus Assistant aggregates community gameplay data to suggest builds. Before and during the game, it provides hero pick suggestions, lane suggestions, a “death summary” to help you figure out what killed you and what you could do to not get caught out by that once again.

    The real-time in-game comparative tool that compares how you’re doing versus others at your skill bracket is also one of the best features which help you figure out what heroes you are actually good at and can provide insights on which hero you might want to spam to climb the MMR bracket.
  • A tool to figure out the Meta

    Dota Plus also gives players a wider look at how the world is doing. You can look up official “Global Rank Trends” that show how heroes — and you on these heroes — are doing in different skill brackets. While tools were always available in Dotabuff, Opendota; the fact that this is available within the client makes it very easy for the casual DotA player to keep track of the meta.

Valve’s decision to include this as part of the new Battlepass bundle was initially met with much flake by the Reddit Dota 2 community (1, 2, 3) as well as our own (1).

But they turned out to be a vocal minority. A few hard-hitting Tweets, Twitch Clips by Dota 2 Personalities (See below) as well as spending a day with the Dota Plus features seems to have shifted the opinions of the /r/dota2 community (1, 2, 3) who have acknowledged that this is a great addition from Valve but also agree that some changes can be made to improve the quality.



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