Dota 2’s The International 9 Prize Pool Sets A New Record

Vignesh Raghuram

1st, Jul, 2019

This is just unreal. TI9’s prizepool has surpassed TI8’s prizepool in a record-breaking 54 days - half the duration it took for TI8 to get to the $25,532,177 mark.

The tournament just surpassed last year's prize pool and is expected to continue ballooning considering the sheer amount of unreleased content awaiting us.

The record for the biggest prize pool in any esports game is currently held by The International 2018, which boasted a staggering $25,532,177. However, this will be surpassed by the upcoming Fornite World Cup 2019 (taking place on July 26-28 in New York) which boasts a $30,000,000 Prizepool.

However, considering the fact that The International 9’s Battle pass still has 55 days for it to continue to grow, it may very well surpass the $30 Million mark.

Earlier this week, Valve released the TI9 Battle Level Bundle on sale for one weekend only, and avid fans immediately pounced on the opportunity to buy it in droves. While the Battle Level Bundle was supposed to be limited to one per account, many were able to buy multiple copies utilizing a few tricks.

So Valve announced that they’d now allow two Battle Level Bundle purchases per account, which has played a part in this sudden swell.

You can keep up with the prize pool by looking at this tracker online.