Dota 2 Post-TI8 Roster Tracker

Vignesh Raghuram

30o, Aug, 2018

The biggest Dota 2 event of the year, The International 8 saw OG reign supreme as all 17 other teams just couldn’t lift the Aegis. Its conclusion has also brought about a domino effect, leading many teams to revamp their rosters.

Rumors and news about roster shuffles are subsequently running amok in Social Media and /r/dota2 forums. With Valve placing new restrictions on ‘organisations owning multiple teams’ there have been several disbandments as a result. It also looks like it became apparent for other teams that they were no longer matching the mechanical and strategic levels that OG, LGD, and EG have brought to the current international scene.

To alleviate this, teams have resorted to either swapping out players or making completely new teams in hopes of improving their overall synergy and performance—all in an effort to become the best in the world.

Here’s a brief look at the roster shuffle scenarios in the current Dota 2 landscape.


Confirmed Rosters for the upcoming season:


Virtus Pro:

Source: VP Official Website

Even though VP had a disappointing finish in TI8. They were by far the best and most consistent team in the DPC season. So it’s no surprise that they’re staying together.



The runners-up of TI8 looks like they’re staying together as well, after a stellar season.


ex-VGJ.Storm Stack

(See: Universe leaves Fnatic to go back to NA to join ex-VGJ.Storm stack)

Resolut1on confirmed that he and his team have left VGJ.Storm and that the team replaced Sneyking with Universe on Twitter earlier today.

Evil Geniuses

The NA team are sticking together (as expected) after their 3rd place finish at TI making it one of their most successful seasons once again. Suma1L confirmed this on his Twitch chat.



List of notable confirmed Free Agents


These are players who have been removed from their previous teams’ rosters or left on their own accord. They’re currently confirmed to be on the lookout for new teams.


Transfer Rumours


Here’s the interesting part. These are unconfirmed rumors, but are from reliable sources. I’m going to keep this log simple, and to the point. A simple notes version for easy reading.


Image Credits:

  • Hao and Ferrari_430 may be making a comeback to play competitively once again.

  • New Team DK may be reformed to consist of Sylar, SCCC, Xxs, LaNm, and Q.    

  • Yang, Fade, and rOtk may replace eLeveN, LaNm, and Fenrir in Vici Gaming. Paparazi and Ori will stay.

  • Kpii wants to move out of China, considering teaming up with EE

  • EHOME picking up a new roster with Monet, ??, ??, BoBoKa, and Kaka.

  • Newbee confirmed that they’re not disbanding, but some changes are expected.



  • Midone confirmed that he’s staying with Team Secret who are considering picking up Zai and letting go Fata and Ace.

  • Team Liquid and OG will not be making any roster shuffles



Image Credits: Liquipedia

  • Fnatic’s new roster: Abed, nana, iceiceice, DJ, Jabz

  • Mineski have disbanded

  • Raven and SamH part ways with TNC Predators; while they’ve picked up Gabbi, ninjaboogie as replacements. Kuku will play in the offlane.

  • Sam_H will be playing with Execration, while Raven is trying out for Team Secret.

  • Skemberlu and EternalEnvy are looking to move to Complexity



  • PPD might be joining EE, Skemberlu, Moonmeander and Zfreek

  • CCNC and 33 are considering making a team together.

  • OpTic Gaming looking for a team, will most likely pickup Reso stack

  • Immortals seem to have disbanded



  • MIBR are looking to make their entry into Dota 2 with ex-SG Esports players

  • W33 has left paiN Gaming. They might disband.



  • Dendi has left Na’vi. They’re looking to build a new roster around Crystallize and Lil.

  • Winstrike rumored to be sticking together.


Updated info: Day 2 Roster Shuffle