Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018: SEA Regional Qualifiers – An Update

Vignesh Raghuram

7th, Feb, 2018

The South East Asia Qualifier for the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 kicked off today. Six teams received invites to compete in the Major in Shanghai. Unfortunately, none of the SEA teams received invites for this event.

But 2 SEA teams will go through to the event via the Regional Qualifier route. All three ‘big teams’, Mineski, Fnatic and TNC Pro Team are competing in these regional qualifiers. They are joined by Geek Fam, Execration, Fire Dragoon as well as  the two Open Qualifier winners - TaskUs Titans and BOOM ID.

It has been a great day of Dota here in the SEA Regional Qualifiers with tons of great matches, big upsets and crushing defeats. As things stand Mineski, have had the best showing amongst the ‘Big Three’, beating Taskus Titans 2-0. TNC Pro Team and Execration secured 2-1 victories over Fire Dragoon and Geek Fam respectively. The biggest upset of the day, came in the form of BOOM ID beating Fnatic 2-1 in a series where they showcased excellent teamfight execution to send EternaLEnVy and company to the lower brackets.

In case you missed out on the action, we got your back. Here is a brief recap of the games played so far.
Match 1: Geek Fam vs Execration
First up was Geek Fam vs Execration. Both Filipino based teams have been on the cusp of becoming Tier 1 SEA teams for a while now and as a result, they’ve both undergone roster shuffles to gain that X-Factor to push them to the next level.

The losing team will have to take the long and hard road through the gruelling Lower Bracket, but neither of these Filipinos were going to give an inch, as the first set of the day started off with a thriller.
Geek Fam drafted strong late game cores against a push oriented draft courtesy Execration in game one of the series - which Geek Fam went on tp win convincingly. But you can never count out Execration, as the Filipino squad bounced back right back into the series with a swift game two victory over Geek Fam with Karl ‘Karl’ Jayme’s Tinker being the MVP of the game.

Execration showed no signs of letting up in game three, drafting an aggressive line up going back to Karl’s Tinker which was so successful in Game 2. Despite an early CS advantage for Geek Fam, Execration won back their lead by making early rotations and taking significant amounts of map control. It wasn’t long before Jayjay ‘Yaj’ Garan had the Double Ravage online, courtesy of the refresher shard, which completely nullified Geek Fam’s offensive potential, and after a decisive team fight at the Roshan pit, they took their first lane of rax. In the end, Geek Fam called GG and dropped down to face TaskUs Titans in the lower brackets.

 Sick (not) Aegis steal by Geek Fam.Oli
Match 2: Mineski vs TaskUs Titans
In Game 1: TaskUs Titans just couldn’t get the ball rolling against Mineski. Mineski were ahead from the outset, utilizing an aggressive Juggernaut – Earth Spirit – Witch Doctor lane to take an early advantage. From there they continued their lead, and even though TaskUs Titans took some successful engagements, Mineski stayed ahead, sealing the deal by the 52-minute mark to keep their tournament hopes alive.

TaskUs Titans were unable to land too many blows on Mineski in Game 2 as well, falling to Mineski’s surprise Broodmother pick. Mineski held the advantage for the majority of the game which caused TaskUs Titans to play sloppily. This led to a base-breaking push, triggering a 28 minute GG from the favorites.

Match 3: TNC Pro Team vs Fire Dragoon

TNC Pro Team with their new roster started off really well, Fire Dragoon found themselves on the backfoot after losing their first game to TIMS's constant ganking with his Earth Spirit. Fire Dragoon seemed frustrated as they found themselves getting picked off one by one, unable to farm efficiently given TIMS' rotations. Armel’s over-farmed OD was the last nail in Fire Dragoon’s coffin as they were just unable to deal with his 32-minute Hex – BKB – Blink Dagger – Dragon Lance. They GG’d out in 36 minutes.

In game two, Fire Dragoon opted for a strong late-game lineup featuring the likes of Phantom Lancer, Razor, Brewmaster, Witch Doctor, and Elder Titan. Perfect teamwork and Ganks from Fire Dragoon left Armel on the Invoker with no room to farm. In the end, an overfarmed AhJit Razor was just too much for TNC to handle. Especially with an underfarmed Invoker which lead them to tap out.

In the deciding game, Fire Dragoon was the team with the Invoker, whilst TNC chose a strong team fighting lineup in the third game. TNC punished Fire Dragoon over and over in the laning stage for picking Invoker. Fire Dragoon just couldn’t find any sort of momentum as TNC built up a huge networth lead with which they easily closed out the game.


Match 4: Fnatic vs BOOM ID

No one could have seen this coming. Fnatic with their All-Star roster going up against a humble Indonesian team who had just lost their star player (InYourDream). Many expected that this would be an easy 2-0 victory in the favor of Fnatic. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Things were going according to plan, in Game 1. Fnatic found themselves ahead after several well executed ganks from Universe's Beastmaster and PieLieDie's IO. Despite having a well-farmed Gyrocopter, BOOM ID simply could not deal with EternalEnvy’s Spirit Bear and Abed’s OD. A fantastic initiation from Universe’s Beastmaster sealed the fates of the Indonesian team.

For the second game, BOOM ID picked up their signature Phantom Lancer for Dreamocel, as well as a Tinker for Fbz while Fnatic went for an aggressive ganking lineup with EternalEnvy’s Lifestealer and Universe’s Nyx. Fnatic got off to a great start with a few early kills and towers, but DreamoCels's Phantom Lancer was absolutely deadly, 1v5ing Fnatic at times . A botched Fnatic Rosh attempt coupled with an incredible combo from BOOM ID sealed the deal for the Indonesian team.

In the third and final game of an epic series, Fnatic went for an incredibly greedy draft picking up Lycan – Medusa – Abyssal Underlord as their cores. In addition, they took the popular Naga for DJ and Bane for PieLieDie; BOOM ID's response included a Monkey King for Dreamocel and surprisingly, Gyrocopter in the midlane for Fbz. Those picks worked perfectly, as BOOM ID dominated their opponents throughout, with Fnatic unable to put up as strong a challenge as they had previously done at the third time of asking.

BOOM ID’s co-ordination in teamfights was on a completely different level in this series. 


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