DeToNator responds to match fixing allegations in their match against Team Admiral

Vignesh Raghuram

29o, Mar, 2019

Match-fixing allegations against players from DeToNator and Team Admiral have been raised on Reddit, over a match between both teams in the ‘Dota2 Rainbow Cup’ featuring a ? $7,200 prizepool.

Reddit user /u/BasedBoomer alleged that the movement of betting-odds before and during the game, as well as, the act of DeToNator picking a “Farming Pudge and overall playing like they dont care” was suspicious.


Matchfix today in Rainbow Cup from r/DotA2


A few pointed this evidence is merely circumstantial and speculatory, and is not concrete proof that either team fixed their match. They also added that the evidence is not substantial enough to definitely prove these allegations.

AFK Gaming reached out to the management of both teams involved to learn more about this issue. DeToNator’s Head Coach, Hwang “Humble” Shin Ung responded to our request.

He stated that:

“Our organization treats our players like top tier players in terms of Salary, Food, Housing and everything. We can say we are one of the best in the Philippines. So we do trust our players. We strongly believe that our players are experienced and matured enough to not indulge in match-fixing. Because our management has been reminding (us) to have good discipline all the time.

Unfortunately, just before the match against Team Admiral, we had a meeting where we confirmed the loss of our main sponsor, ‘YOSHIMOTO’ for our team, which meant that we will be disbanding in the upcoming days.

According to the Reddit post, 40 minutes before the game, a lot of bets were placed on Team Admiral. But at that time, we were still in the meeting discussing 
about our next plans and how to conclude our journey with DeToNator.

We are sad to see what came to us at the
end, when we truly did our best to support our players and show our fans what we can really do, even though we are about to disband.”

However, when we asked him about whether they’re denying all the match-fixing allegations, he stated:

“Since we are a Japanese company, we have trust in our players. We will continue our investigations. Denying implies that the players 100% didn't do it, but we aren’t 100% sure. But we are eager to continue our investigations to prove that we are clean against this situation."

He also made a request to the Reddit users asking them to send a mail, if they came across more evidence, stating that it would help further their investigations.

At the time of publishing, we have not received a statement from Team Admiral.

Author’s Opinion: While there are certainly suspicious betting patterns in the match between Team Admiral and DeToNator, many experts have already commented on instances of such patterns in mainstream sports, stating that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the players are involved.

The evidence presented by  /u/BasedBoomer is certainly not enough to ban these players permanently. An in-depth investigation is needed before we pick up our pitchforks against these players.