?DeToNaTor dominate Tigers to win the COBX Masters 2019

Nishant Patel

7o, Apr, 2019
It was just too easy for DeToNaTor as they secured an easy 2-0 victory against Tigers to hoist the COBX Masters 2019 trophy. It should be noted that this will be the final match for the DeToNaTor organization before they disband.
?DeToNaTor vs Tigers

Game 1:

Both teams picked up lineups geared up for the late game with Raven wielding his signature Terrorblade and Benhur on Medusa. The early-mid game phase was relatively mundane, with both teams gearing towards farming up their items for the later stages of the game. While Tigers did emerged ahead on net worth, DeToNaTor was always within touching distance.

Skem was particularly impressive on his Ember Spirit putting a 16/3/9 KDA, making enough space for his Medusa to recover and was instrumental in DeToNaTor turning it around an Aegis Terrorblade and a Refresher Shard + Cheese Tidehunter. He dealt 48.4k Hero Damage by the end of the game, by far the highest.

The game came to a close when Tigers got teamwiped and DeToNaTor purchased a Divine Rapier on Benhur’s Medusa to secure the throne and a 1-0 lead in the series.
Game 2:

DeToNaTor went for an unorthodox Drow Ranger lineup featuring Luna and Sven as the supports in Game 2. On the other hand, Tigers picked up a Troll Warlord for Raven and built a team fight centric lineup around him.

DeToNaTor started slow, allowing Tigers to gain a substantial map-control advantage as they took down objective after objective. But DeToNaTor made their way back into the game after crucial positioning mistakes saw Tigers lose one player after the other. DeToNaTor picked up the Aegis and secured multiple racks to put them in prime position to win the game.

One teamwipe later, Tigers called ‘GG’, conceding the game and handing the COBX Masters 2019 title to DeToNaTor.