?Day of Shocks concludes with VGJ.Storm winning GESC: Thailand

Vignesh Raghuram

12o, May, 2018
What in the world is happening in Bangkok? All 3 favorites to take it; Fnatic, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses (eliminated earlier yesterday) failed to make it to the GESC: Thailand finals. Instead, it was two plucky underdogs – Who ironically aren’t eligible for DPC points who made it to the finals.

The Grand Finals saw, VGJ.Storm and Keen Gaming battled it out in front of a packed crowd in Bangkok, with the NA team emerging as the champions after they blew through the Chinese side with an easy 2-0 victory.

Let us take a look at the day’s happenings.
Team Secret vs Keen Gaming

Team Secret opened up the series with a big win in the first game of the semi-finals. Equipped with a Crystal Maiden and Spectre lineup Team Secret carved out a victory thanks to the great plays from YapzOr. He went for a fast Aghanim’s on CM and delivered the big plays through the entire game with his early roaming and perfect positioning in the team fights which made Secret’s mission a lot easier.

Team Secret started off well in Game 2 with good roaming, finding multiple pickoffs on key heroes. However, just like in yesterday’s game versus EG, Keen had an offlane Doom who itemized for early team fights, rushed a Pipe of Insight and by the 23-minute mark, the Chinese team was sitting on a 7K net worth advantage. Once again they displayed a lot of discipline and were able to force a decisive game three.

Game 3 saw Keen Gaming draft a standard pushing-oriented lineup while Puppey opted to draft Team Secret an experimental lineup featuring an Alchemist. The experiment did not pay off, as the pressure applied in the early-mid game stages was just too much for Team Secret to handle which lead Keen Gaming systematically dismantle Team Secret’s base and secure the win.

While this loss might be disappointing for Team Secret, it isn’t too worrying as they have secured a spot in The International 8.
Fnatic vs VGJ.Storm

Game 1 was just a massacre from VGJ.Storm, there’s no other way to put it. They completely dominated and decimated Fnatic with a fast-paced lineup while the latter was hoping to take it to the late game with EternaLEnVy’s Chaos Knight. The laning stage dominance was established by VGJ Storm with their heroes winning all 3 lanes. Just 20 minutes into the game VGJ Storm claimed the first lane of barracks via mid lane, with a better late-game lineup, forcing Fnatic to call tap out early.

Game 2 was much more even but it was quite an outdraft from the NA team who picked up two beefy tanks (Morphling and Dragon Knight) backed up by an IO. Which meant that come mid-game, Fnatic with their Tinker-Luna core duo just couldn’t bring down these heroes. The SEA team fell back to try and split-push their way to victory but VGJ.Storm shut down that door as well with some great pickoffs and closed out the series 2-0 to send Fnatic packing.

Fnatic ends their run in Thailand with just 90 points for their 3rd/4th place which won’t boost their current  11th position in the DPC rankings. With that, they have just one event left where they can increase their total points, ESL One Birmingham coming up on the June 2nd 2018 where they need to finish in 2nd place or better to stand a chance to win an invite to The International 8.

VGJ.Storm vs Keen Gaming

Game 1:

VGJ.Storm had a rough start to the game due to Keen Gaming's rotations catching them off guard. The NA team also tried to go for openings themselves but failed to grab kills resulting in an early advantage for Keen. Despite their advantage though, a few mistakes by Keen ended in unfavorable trades in a few team fight, allowing Resolut1on to splitpush and farm on his Gyrocopter. Both teams continued to farm, splitpush and occasionally clash, as the minutes ticked by, VGJ.Storm slowly but steadily building an advantage from better trades.

A high ground push from Keen ended with the Chinese getting team wiped and from there on out it was impossible for them to stop Resolut1on, especially with the sustain from Sneyking’s Abaddon. A pick-off on two Keen cores opened the doors for VGJ.Storm for a game one victory.

Game 2:

Once again, Keen Gaming found a solid early game but MSS brought VGJ.Storm back into the game with great rotations on his Tusk, constantly trapping enemies in with his shards. Resolut1on’s Storm ran rampant picking off Keen Gaming’s heroes over and over again to amass a massive networth lead and used that to force the GG call and bring NA it’s 2nd GESC Championship.


Unfortunately, neither Keen Gaming nor VGJ.Storm are eligible for DPC Points thanks to post-lock roster changes which means that there are no significant developments in the DPC tables thanks to this event.

The action doesn’t stop here, as the DPC resumes in just two days with MDL: Changsha kicking off on May 14th. TNC Pro Team and Mineski will be the SEA teams representing the region in this event. A victory for Mineski guarantees a direct invite for TI8, while a win for TNC Pro Team puts the SEA team in 6th place in the DPC table.

Stay tuned to AFK Gaming as we provide you further updates, predictions about the MDL: Changsha Major.