Data leaks reveal that 16 new heroes may be added to Dota Underlords

Vignesh Raghuram

16th, Jul, 2019

Almost all of us are resigned to the fact that Valve has adopted Dota Underlords as it’s primary Dota 2 understudy. In fact, they let us know that they plan to import all 117 Dota 2 heroes into Underlords over the course of the upcoming patches. It looks like they’re well on their way already.

YouTuber Tyler McVicker who runs ‘Valve News Network’, has discovered hidden game files after the Underlords July 12 update, with several skins, models, and references to 16 different heroes including Chen, Clinkz, Dark Seer, Dazzle, Earth Shaker, Pangolier, Riki, Rubick, Spectre, Storm Spirit, Sven, Undying, Vengeful Spirit, Weaver, and Zeus.

Of these 16, most heroes are still being worked upon. But a few like Storm Spirit and Zeus have their models and in-game icons polished and ready to be added to Underlords any time now.

Additionally, the datamine also contained information about a new upcoming Turbo-styled Game Mode (with faster animations) and models for the Underlords (the couriers from the Autochess Custom Game).

Fans might still be questioning how and when Valve plans to add all these heroes, considering the fact that balance might be affected if too many heroes are added to the game. On the game’s official website, Valve has stated that heroes, items, and Alliances will rotate in and out of the game every season. However, there has been no information on the release date of these latest updates.

Valve is scheduled to roll out their regular Underlords maintenance update later this week on Thursday. However, it will be highly unlikely to see the above-mentioned features rolled out alongside that update.