Complexity and VGJ.Storm protest MDL/GESC Admin actions

Vignesh Raghuram

26th, Mar, 2018
In a show of NA Dota unity, Complexity and VGJ.Storm performed a short protest before their MDL match, citing "preferential treatment" by the organizers of the GESC: Thailand Dota 2 Minor and the MDL: Changsha Major.


The format of the Grand Finals of the GESC: Thailand was changed to a BO3 series minutes before the match kicked off. The two teams involved CompLexity Gaming and VGJ.Storm made identical posts on both their Twitter accounts and made a 15-minute joint protest “against the actions of the MDL and to a lesser extent, GESC admins" before the match in the lobby. 

Both Complexity Gaming and VGJ.Storm tweeted that: "Over the past days these admins have shown preferential treatment to certain teams and have unilaterally forced other teams into unreasonable schedules or even competitive disadvantages."

Both teams have also urged Valve to step in and take measures against tournaments making last minute changes to their scheduling and against favoritism.

VGJ.Storm's manager Jack “KBBQ” Chen commented on the issue on Reddit, stating that

Although Evil Geniuses were not directly named in Jack Chen's post, EG’s COO Philip Aram also commented on this issue confirming that they were the team that KBBQ was referencing, stating that,

"Obviously we were the team related to Madness Qualifier. MDL requested to shift qualifier dates a couple weeks ago, and we agreed contingent that they accommodated teams participating in Madness since the new dates likely had overlaps. They agreed. This weekend we alerted their admins that the schedule was set to overlap and asked them to adjust as previously agreed to.

We definitely reminded MDL late, and MDL definitely didn't implement a solution in the best way, but everything was above board. I can't speak to any other qualifiers, but there's no reason for a public protest related to MDL. It's a crazy qualifier schedule, and they did their best to make a solution for everyone even if the first go was a little off the mark."

This understandably drew much flake from the Dota 2 community who pointed out that KBBQ’s comment had clearly stated the reasons for which it was being staged.

GESC has been involved in many controversies over the past week. It all started with GESC inviting Admiral and Execration over Fnatic to the SEA regional qualifiers. This lead to GESC rescheduling the qualifiers which caused Mineski and TNC Pro Team to speak out against GESC's decision regarding the SEA Qualifiers.

While GESC has shown tremendous capability in hosting a first-class DPC event, their communications and decision making regarding the qualifiers definitely need to improve if they want to become a bigger organization like ESL, PGL or MDL.


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