Clutch Gamers announce new roster

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Mar, 2018

*Cover Image source: TNC Gaming

SEA org Clutch Gamers announced a new roster with hopes of a challenging in the region and looking ahead at TI8. The organization was a man short after Black^ left them soon after joining. Since then, the org has announced a new roster with an additional change.

They have retained Skylark, Afromoush and yol and have added ahjit and Vt’Faded. This by default means that Mage has left the roster as well. Ahjit joins from Fire Dragoon and will most likely take over the carry role while Vt’Faded takes over the mid role from Mage. Former mousesport offlaner skylark, will continue in his lane while Afromoush and Yol will play as the support pair.

At this point CG have 0 DPC points and their performance in SEA doesn’t warrant them a spot in the regionals for TI. So Open Qualifiers is what they’ll be looking at and try and challenge for a spot in the region. With bigger names like Fnatic, Mineski and TNC already present and newer competition arising in the form of Admiral, Execration, Geek Fam and even TNC Tigers, it will be interesting to see whether CG can hold their own.

The current roster is as follows:




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