CEG 2018: PG.Barracx and Alpha Red qualify for the LAN

Shounak Sengupta

3rd, Sep, 2018

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The CEG or Convictus Esports Group Dota 2 Pro Series is a ~36,000$ LAN that will be taking place in Melbourne, Australia in December. The main event will feature 8 teams, 2 international invited teams along with 6 qualified teams. The 6 teams will be chosen from 3 regions, 2 from each with the regions being South-East Asia, China and Australia. The South East Asia Qualifiers came to an end yesterday with two teams moving onto the main event. Indonesia’s PG.Barracx and Thailand’s Alpha Red stood out from the rest of the competition as they punched their way through to the LAN.


The format was a 64 team Open qualifier with bo1’s all the way except the semifinals. PG.Barracx went up against fellow countrymen, EVOS Esports in the semifinals taking them down 2-0. Both teams seemed very set in their drafts, picking up similar line ups in both games, but in the end it was PG.Barracx who came out on top. In game 1, EVOS managed to take the game late as PG.Barracx found it difficult to deal with a lategame PL. However, a Divine Rapier pickup on their Ember at the 57-minute mark was enough to close out the game. Game 2 was much more one-sided as PG.Barracx unleashed a Void-Invoker combo that made short work of EVOS in teamfights and ultimately led to a 38-minute gg being called.


In the other match, Alpha Red went up against BOOM ID and while the series did go to all 3 games, it was Alpha Red who moved onto the main event. Utilizing a very TI-esque meta, Alpha Red overcame BOOM ID in 3 games to join PG.Barracx in the LAN finals.


The main event will take place in December and 6 other teams will join the two from SEA in what is looking to be a promising tier 2 event.  



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