Career Defining Moments of SEA Players

Vignesh Raghuram

13o, Jun, 2018

Great players always carry a laundry list of accomplishments: Records broken, opponents dispatched, championships won. They are the glimmering spots on any resume.

But then, there are the singular moments.

The ones that tell their fans or haters more than any trophy can. The ones that show real character; a person's true self. The ones that, years after, fans will still tell their friends about witnessing. They are the most memorable of the superstar's legacy and have to be remembered.

So, let's relive the past and look at the career-defining moments of Dota 2 players.

Note: These are not ranked, because there can be no standard of one being more important than the next. I’ve also restricted this list to only SEA players to keep it simple. These are 8 of the best, but feel free to suggest others.
Abed vs Complexity Gaming in The International 6

This was the game which announced Abed’s arrival to the world. Back then, Meepo was only played by very few players in a certain way. You farm up the Aghanims Scepter in 20 minutes and then end the game soon after. He wasn’t really a True Late game carry.

But Abed changed that perception completely, no one – not even W33ha could play that hero in the manner in which Abed played it. Completely taking over the game, and basically 1 v 5 ing the opponents from the get-go, getting kill after kill and singlehandedly knocking out Complexity from The International 6.
Meracle vs Team DK in the G-League - Group A

It was the G league 2013, and a humble SEA team – Titan was taking on what was/is probably the most ambitious crossover event in history the best team in the world at that point of time, Team DK. The Chinese team was made of All-Stars and the SEA team was expected to just roll-over considering the gulf in class between the two rosters.

But then came Meracle’s Naga Siren. It was the first showcase of the radiance Naga Siren in an actual pro game where he solo’d up the entirety of the DK lineup, even though Titan were 20k  behind in net worth. He single-handedly destroyed Mushi and Burning under the enemy Tier-3’s to enable the final push.

WIth that performance, he literally wrote the book on how to carry with a Radiance Naga Siren. Utterly amazing, and like WinteR said it was against an all-star team like DK of all things.
Mushi in the entirety of The International 3

When Mushi’s Orange Esports were invited to The International 3 no one expected anything from them. After all, they were just another SEA team heading into the event. The Focus was on the Chinese and Western Juggernauts who entered the event.

But Mushi would change that perception. Mushi along with Orange was placed in Group B of The International 2013 where they finished with a record of 8-6, qualifying them for the upper bracket. After losing 2-1 to last year's runners-up Na’Vi, they managed to advance very far in the lower bracket, eliminating Team Dignitas, Fnatic.EU, Team DK and TongFu with Mushi playing a record 18 different heroes and showcasing several incredible plays with his signature Shadow Fiend and Queen of Pain as well as Anti-Mage, Sven, and Ursa and lead the SEA team to the region’s highest ever placing in The International.
DJ against LGD Gaming in the Manila Major

Once again, an SEA team walked into a Valve Major as the underdogs. And once again, teams underestimated an SEA player.

Words cannot do justice towards what DJ achieved on that day. In front of his home-town crowd, DJ pulled out an Enigma performance of a lifetime to beat one of the most feared Chinese teams in the world – LGD Gaming hitting one multi-man Black Hole after the other as he dug out his team from the depths of hell to secure a scintillating victory over LGD Gaming.