Can Indian Teams Recreate The Magic Of DreamHack?

Aditya Singh Rawat

30o, Mar, 2019

The much-awaited event, Cobx Masters has certainly turned up the heat with top tier talent and international teams making their way to the city of dreams, Mumbai.

The event has certainly created a lot of hype in the Indian esports scene as a total of 6 teams consisting of two Indian teams Signify CS:GO and Global Esports, along with international teams likes Grayhound Gaming, MVP PK, B.O.O.T-d[S] and Alpha Red, take on each other for a chance to win the lion’s share of a $100,000 prize pool.

With everything now set in place and the fans all excited to witness some phenomenal CounterStrike, there is one big question that needs to be given some thought; Will the Indian teams be able to recreate the magic of DreamHack Mumbai 2018 once again?

What a feeling it was to witness the Indian newcomers Signify CS:GO takedown the International Invites, Bravado Gaming in the Upper Bracket Finals. It was totally unexpected of Signify CS:GO to put up such a daunting performance on the big stage.

If something similar were to happen at the Cobx Masters as well, it’s very likely that the Indian CounterStrike community will tear NESCO the roof down with their cheers!!

Image Credit: DreamHack India

The Newcomers - Global Esports

Global Esports have just stepped into the Indian esports scene and the only reason the team was able to participate in the Cobx Masters was because their roster included three players from the former team 2EZ Gaming.

The team has been impressive, having qualified for the Main Event without dropping a single map, but they were unable to make it through the qualifiers for both IEM Sydney 2019 and Charleroi Esports.

But the team has been boot camping together since then, preparing seriously for the LAN event. It is tough to pinpoint the active map pools for the side but a Group Stage upset can very well be expected from the side. The cherry on top are the two Polish players who are expected to bring in some unique strategies.

The Promising Veterans - Signify CS:GO

Signify started off really strong by finishing as the runners-up at their very first event, DreamHack Mumbai 2018 following which the team had a lull period before making a comeback to the competitive scene in March.

Image Credit: DreamHack India

Though Signify could not make it through the IEM Sydney 2019 - SEA Open Qualifier, they took down one of India’s best teams, Entity Gaming, in the finals of the Cobx Masters - India Open Qualifier to make their way into the Main Event.

Signify has a really good chance of taking down their adversaries on maps like Nuke and Mirage. With a strategist like Yb on their side, the team can surely pull off unpredictable plays to take a victory or two.

So will the Indian teams have an impact?

Yes, we believe that the Indian teams have a fair chance of going past their competitors into the Playoffs because once again the Group Stage has a best-of-one format which highly favours underdogs and lesser-known teams, as it gives them the freedom to pull off an unexpected strat which catches the opposition off guard.

The international teams attending the event might not have a good read on Global Esports while having limited data on Signify CS:GO and this is what gives them the edge in the Group Stages.

It is tough to say how these teams might perform in the Playoffs if they happen to qualify through the Group Stage, as the Playoffs will feature a best-of-three series where the more experienced and talented teams usually find victory. But even then, Signify has shown us previously that it is not always the case, so maybe there is a little ray of sunshine even in these uncharted territories.

We’re all anxious to see if the Indian teams can perform on the big stage against these foreign teams while also looking forward to getting a few words from Big Stacy!

Catch all this and more at the Cobx Masters from 5th-7th April at the Bombay Exhibition Center. Stay tuned for more updates and see you guys at the event for some kickass CounterStrike action.

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