Bucharest Minor: WG.Unity make it to the Regionals after OQ replay, BOOM ID take down Clutch Gamers

Shounak Sengupta

3rd, Dec, 2018

Cover image source: @WG.Unity

The decider match between 4GSK and WG.Unity saw the Malaysian side come out on top after a clean 2-0. Both teams had lost to China’s Zeus Gaming earlier who ended up disqualified as they were not from the region.

WG.Unity now take on Mineski in round 1 of the Open Qualifiers. Clutch Gamers, who were the 1st team to qualify via the Open qualifiers faced Indonesia’s BOOM ID earlier. BOOM ID were able to bring them down 2-0, moving onto the winner bracket finals. CG meanwhile have been knocked down to the lower bracket. Fervian's Slark went unchecked in game 1, as he snowballed fast and hard, amassing a good 15 kills before CG called the gg. In game 2, one fight allowed BOOM ID to open up a massive lead with both TA and PA reaching 25k networth by the end of the game. CG's Juggernaut was able to keep up but their Pugna and Puck simply were unable to find the farm and BOOM ID had little trouble cleaning up with double BKB's on their cores. 



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