Bucharest Minor Regional Qualifiers: BOOM ID closer to qualifying after knocking Mineski to the lower bracket

Shounak Sengupta

3rd, Dec, 2018

Cover image source: Adela Sznajder | ESL One Genting 2018

An interesting turn of events at the SEA regional qualifier for the Bucharest Minor sees, Indonesian team, BOOM ID sitting in the grand finale after they managed to take down both Clutch Gamers and Mineski earlier today. A clean 4-0 puts them in pole position for a spot at the Bucharest Minor while Mineski, Clutch Gamers and WG.Unity have only one life left in the competition.

Mineski edge out WG.Unity in 70-minute thriller

Mineski stomped WG.Unity in their first game of the day, with both Nana and JT going 12-0 on TA and Morph and forcing out an early gg. Game 2 was a different affair however, as WG.Unity went blow for blow with Mineski, even taking a lead in the mid game after  winning a teamfight. WG.Unity’s TB pick enabled them to take 2 lanes of barracks and put a huge weight on the shoulders of kpii playing the Enigma and the TI7 finalist was able to get his team the teamfight win needed to secure them the win.

BOOM ID up the pace to take down Mineski

Mineski’s win over WG.Unity seems to have taken away all they had for the day, as they slumped to a 0-2 defeat soon after. BOOM ID played a high tempo, fast paced lineup in both games, and the frequent fighting was too much for Mineski to contend with. In game 1, BOOM ID’s Gyro+Io dominated much of the early-mid game and with the Tiny, found pickoffs all over the map. While Mineski was farming well, the constant pressure left them unable to defend their towers against a DK and Shadow Shaman. BOOM ID with more of the map to their name, now found it easier to choke Mineski who crumbled with under the relentless pressure.


In game 2, Nana’s MK was never able to come online and WG.Unity abused the long cooldown on Metamorphosis to take frequent fights post the 30-minute mark. 2 lost fights put Mineski in a very bad position as PA sliced and diced her way into Mineski’s heroes, before they could get their spells off and BOOM ID walked away with the win.


Tomorrow, Clutch Gamers will take on WG.Unity while Mineski await the victors. In the end one team will go up against BOOM ID for a chance to represent SEA at the Bucharest Minor.



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