BTS Kings Cup 2 SEA: Fnatic qualify for Summit 10 with a win

Shounak Sengupta

25th, Oct, 2018

Cover image source: @Score eSports

Fnatic completed their lower bracket run to get their revenge on Lotac and emerged victorious as the champions of the BTS Kings Cup 2 SEA. Arguably SEA’s best team at the moment, Fnatic have now secured a slot at the Summit 10 which will take place in December.

Clutch Gamers no match for Fnatic

In the lower bracket finals, Fnatic stomped all over Fnatic taking two sub 30-minute wins. The usual stars stepped up for Fnatic as Clutch Gamers looked really out of place, getting outclassed at every stage of the series. DJ’s Rubik put on a display across both the games as CG were unable to pressure the Fnatic cores, who strolled their way to two comfortable wins.

Lotac unable to repeat their winner bracket performance

Having beaten Fnatic earlier in the winner bracket, Lotac faced a different Fnatic in the finals, one that was in no mood to entertain. In game 1 a last pick for iceiceice’s Broodmother, sealed Lotac’s fate as they simply didn’t have the lineup to deal with the hero. Lotac struck back in game 2 on the back of Raven’s MK and ChYuan’s DK and by the time Fnatic’s cores had come online, their team had already lost too much. This effectively reduced the series down to a bo3.


In game 3, Fnatic executed a well drafted Drow strat, using both the DK and Necrophos as tanky front liners while Drow was able to go to work on the objectives. The final game of the series was by far the closest as both teams were able to come online and take good fights. Lotac had the better teamfight with heroes like the Earthshaker, Void and Pugna. However, Fnatic were able to outplay the teamfights on the back of individual skills with DJ’s Earth Spirit especially coming of use in disrupting the chain lockdown. Iceiceice’s tanky Necrophos was a nightmare for Lotac to deal with and he outputted lots of damage and came through with some clutch ultimates, pegging back Lotac. With momentum swinging their way, Fnatic were able to take good fights when the Lotac ultimates were down and carve out a long and laboured victory.


Fnatic prove once again that tthey are the team to beat in SEA. While big names like TNC and Mineski were missing from the tournament, Fnatic still stood  their ground and dominated the rest of the competition.



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