BTS Kings Cup 2 SEA: Fnatic and Lotac pull out ahead on Day 1 of the playoffs

Shounak Sengupta

23o, Oct, 2018

 Cover image source: Liquepedia

The playoffs for the Kings Cup 2 SEA kicked off earlier today with 4 SEA teams clashing heads. The double elimination bracket saw Fnatic up against DeTonaTor while Clutch Gamers took on Lotac.

DeTonaTor feel Fnatic’s wrath

DeTonaTor stood no chance against an in-form Fnatic who are the top-seeded team in the playoffs by far. The Filippino stack have started improving after recruiting Sam_H but a overly experimental draft in game 1 saw Fnatic crush them without breaking a sweat. It almost felt like a pub game with an offlane VS and support Ursa for DTN and Fnatic made no mistakes, crushing the laning stage and ploughing through and taking an 18-minute win.

Game 2 was closer but DJ’s Elder Titan was too much for DTN to handle as Fnatic were still able to pull off a relatively comfortable victory. Another terrible laning phase from DTN set them back quite a bit, but they stayed in the game thanks to Benhur’s Necrophos, who was proving to be a bit of a hard kill for Fnatic. However, the Fnatic cores were farming much better and used Roshan to take significant advantages, eventually closing out the game past the 40-minute mark.

Lotac dispatch CG down to the lower bracket

In the other series, Raven’s Lotac reigned supreme over Clutch Gamers, who have surprised everyone with their recent performances. In game 1, the CG cores had a hard time with the magic damage and control coming out of Lotac. Both Lina and TB picked up BKB’s at around the 27 minute mark but the general tankiness of Lotac’s line up supplemented by the Rum buff was too much for CG to go through. A desperate Divine Rapier pickup on Nikobaby was all that CG could do and it didn’t really work out Lotac were too far ahead.

A subpar performance from CG’s mid and off laners saw them drop game 2 as they never got the teamfight that they wanted allowing Lotac to take the fights on their own terms and push their advantages for a win.


Fnatic will now face Lotac in the winner bracket finals, while CG and DTN fight it out from the lower brackets.