Brutality overcomes lower bracket to qualify for the India LAN Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

3rd, Sep, 2018

The second day of the India Decider Qualifier for eXTREMESLAND 2018 witnessed Brutality fighting through the lower bracket to claim the second spot for the India LAN Finals

The day started off with the do-or-die lower bracket where every match was bound to eliminate a team and ended with the grand finals between the 2 teams that qualified for the India LAN Finals. 

Following are the matches that took place on the second day:

Lower Bracket 


The first bout of the day was between Frag Magnets and GoFigure. The two clashed on Overpass in their first match where GoFigure won with some impressive plays by a score of ‘16-8’. The second match placed the two on Inferno, GoFigure demolished Frag Magnets with a score of ‘16-3’.  

GoFigure won the series ‘2-0’ and proceeded to face Invictus in the lower bracket semifinal. 


The first match between Invictus and GoFigure was played on Inferno which was long with constant back-and-forth action but Invictus came out surviving the overtime taking the match ‘19-17’. The second match took place on Train where Invictus won again in a drawn-out match with a score of ‘16-13’

Invictus move onto face Brutality in the lower bracket finals. 


Brutality was up against Invictus on Cache in their first encounter of the day, Brutality won the match pretty comfortably with a score of ‘16-7’. The second match was played on Overpass where Brutality faced great resistance from Invictus but managed to pull off another victory by scoring ‘16-12’

Brutality becomes the second team to qualify for the India LAN Finals after winning ‘2-0’ against Invictus while also moving onto the Grand Finals to face off against SRA.

Grand Finals 

SRA & Brutality both the qualified teams locked horns on Cache, Brutality won the first game with some great coordinated plays winning with a score of ‘16-9’. The two continued onto Dust 2 where Brutality got their sweet revenge destroying SRA and winning the game ‘16-4’.

With this, we come to an end of the India Decider Qualifier with SRA and Brutality being the two teams qualifying for the India LAN Finals.

Congratulations to both the qualifying teams and stay tuned as we witness the India LAN Finale in the coming week. 

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